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I was tagged by @Emealia to do this challenge, so here it goes. Hopefully I have 15 haha ^.^ ~The top 3 are kind of fighting for 1st place at the moment lol, so my heart is forever in conflict and guilt lol~ *another side note~ I spent literally 25 minutes looking for that Suga meme on Vingle and the Internet ... and I saw it in my pictures after I found it on Vingle ... I could shoot myself sometimes lol
1. Min Yoongi (Suga) of BTS a. he's beautiful b. hello swag c. he cares about bit more than he shows d. his ideal type is based mainly on personality (I may have a chance haha)
I took the test , and it told me what I already knew. .. that me and Jung Hoseok (J-Hope of BTS) are meant to be lol Honestly there is so much I could say about him I don't know where to begin... Simply put he is my Hope
Honestly the one I feel the most sorry to is Hwang Chansung of 2pm He was the only one in my heart until those two ^ jerks barged in lol I'm sorry Chansung, but I do still love you!!! You will always and forever be my first kpop love!
Kim Namjoon this brilliant dork... sometimes I can't even with this one lol. I can't help but to love the leader of BTS, Rap Monster!
Tae yang of Big Bang!! He's got such a big heart!! and his voice and body and... OK let me calm down lol He definitely tops my list!
Markson of Got7 Yes I am saying Markson because it is real and you can't separate them! lol
Dong Woo-seok (King of LC9) I love his voice and how much power he puts in when he sings!!!
Lee Min Ho How can I not when I fall in love with every character he plays? And Personal Tastes is my second favorite drama of all time!
Lee Jong Suk another actor I really enjoy watching!
Choi Siwon He is very funny and a big old chunk of man candy!
Amber Liu because she's beautiful, sexy in her own goofy way, and she's not afraid to be herself!
Bi Rain Did you see this guy in Ninja Assassin?? gah!!
Choi Young Jae His. Voice. Is. BEAutiful!
Song Mino of Winner excuse the expression. .. but his voice is pure sex to me!! gah!! like you don't know how many times I replayed the opening of Empty!
Last but most definitely not least My Queen!! The Baddest Female Seoul City Ever Had Chaerin. .. CL!!!!! I hope she can also touch many American hearts while still staying true to herself and what made 2ne1 unique and legendary. I wish her luck with her American debut!!! And she is Beautiful!!
Honorable mention to G- Dragon because he is brilliant and his lyrics really speak to me! (I would add a pic, but you can only use so many in a card lol) I hope you have enjoyed my list! ... because they have ruined any hope I have at a love life lol
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honestly I probably won't get around to tagging people till after New Years... sorry guys