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Grilled chicken breast, plain low-fat yogurt, straight-up oatmeal—avoiding heavy sauces and sugary add-ins can quickly put you in a boring-and-bland rut. The solution: adding seasonings like cinnamon, turmeric, garlic, cayenne pepper and ginger. You won’t just boost the flavor—you’ll boost your health and metabolism too. “Many spices are filled with antioxidants, good for blood pressure and have immune-boosting properties,” says Middleberg. “And you feel more satiated when your food is more flavorful.”
@oj1992 I think they probably just discard of the stick after that. I can't see them holding on to them. LOL! @MoonMinYeon I do like cinnamon, although it definitely doesn't go with some foods. But add just a bit of cinnamon to certain things can really elevate the food. :D
you can probably can mix it and put it in your meals (even salty ones) , it gives a good taste or you can use it to bake also :)
sometimes the cafe gives us cinnamon sticks for stirring the coffee. But I often wonder what do they do with the stick after that ? Wash and recycle them ? What do you think @miranpark88 @YinofYang @kristenadams @MoonMinYeon @Tapsamai @cheerfulcallie