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Which Musician Lead Is Your Fav?

We all know that musicians are easy to fall in love with, but what if you have Korean idols playing musicians?!


Which one is your favorite?

Lee Shin from Heartstrings

Kang Moo Kyul from Mary Stayed Out All Night

Ji Hyuk from Shut Up Flower Boy Band

Hwang Tae Kyung from You're Beautiful

Hyun Si Hyuk from Dream High

Who am I missing?! Who's your favorite!?

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This is not even fair I love them ALL! Lee Shin and Hwang Tae Kyung are my favorites, I like the difficult guys what can I say...
2 years ago·Reply
kang moo kyul
2 years ago·Reply
Ji Hyuk from Shut Up Flower Boy Band
2 years ago·Reply
Lee shin and Jin hyuk I love that they were so mean to there girls but yet caring at the same time
2 years ago·Reply
Lee shin!!! he is so cute
2 years ago·Reply