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Can We Please Take A Moment To Appreciate So Ji Sub's Sexiness?!?!
I was watching Oh my Venus when I saw So Ji Sub. I fell in love with another man. Wow! Just. Wow. As I was watching the show, I kept questioning myself where I've seen Ji Sub......
And let me tell you he was in a movie called "A company man". At first I was skeptical about it and I had to just check, and you guessed it, I was right!I'm so lost in words. Just.AHHHHH!!! *Just a side note... "A Company Man " has a lot of blood splurting and people dying left and right so if you are queazy with blood i wouldnt recommend you to watch this movie. But if you arent and very much love action movies then this is the movie for you! Also Oh My Venus is, so far, so good. So check it out!*
yes I am.
OMG he is one of my babes in Kdramas lol but are his tats real? I only see him wear long sleeves so I'm curious
@tusarika πŸ˜‚ I love you~