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My first tattoo: Left Wrist I got this one the day after my 18th birthday. My horoscope is Libra like my grandfather that passed away when I was young si I have all ways like the Libra sign. I got music notes because I like music and I was in band in high school.
My second tattoo: Right Wrist I got this one a few months later. Before my 18th birthday I wanted a tattoo that could symbolize that 'Love in a family is for infinity' or ' Family love is for infinity'. I couldn't find a way to get it y too work until my cousin sent me this.
Future tattoo 1: Right Calf or Right Thigh I want a rose on my right calf or right thigh but I can't figure out which rose I want. Roses are my favorite flowers it is also my middle name.
Future tattoo 2: Left Thigh Wolfs are one of my favorite animals. My best friend and her mom who I counted as a sister and second mom both liked wolfs. I stayed with them when my mom and sister moved to a different town so I could stay in the same school; and when they moved to a different state till a break in school so I could move with them. Even though I moved and don't really talk to them as much I still consider them my sister and second mom. So this is a way to remeber them and all they did for me.
Future tattoo 3: Don't Know yet. Me and my mom are going to get matching tattoos but don't know which one to get or where we are going to get it.
Future tattoo 4: Left upper arm (shoulder down to elbow) I seen this and liked it.
Future tattoo 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10: 5 (Back?), 6 (Arm by my elbow), 7 (on the side of my hand), 8 (Henna/Mandalas, don't know), 9 ( Back or right upper arm), 10 (Side of arm?) The first picture (f.t.5) I always have liked dream catchers so I want a tattoo. The second picture (f.t.6) I think it is pretty so I want it. The third picture (f.t.7) I seen this before I got my forst tattoo and liked it so I have been wantong to get it. The fourth picture (f.t.8) I like the Henna tattoo designs so I want one but not with henna ink. The fith picture (f.t.9) I want a pair of wings so under them I can put the names and dates of my family that have passed away. Maybe with the word 'Gone but Never Forgotten' or something that mean that they my be gone but they will always be with me. The sixth picture (f.t.10) I like it and anyone in my family can get it and it can be matching tattoos.
Future tattoo 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16: 11 (shoulder?), 12 (Left wrist or side of arm), 13 (the top one inside of arm?), 14 (back of arm?), 15 (leg?), 16 (leg?) These tattoos are the ones K-Pop idols have that I like and might get? The last picture is a quote I found on the internet that I like and I want a tattoo that it wrote in Hangul.
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dang I like the flowers mostly the blue ones