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Day 4! Tell Jimin he's beautiful or tell Jin he is not boring.
Jimin. Jimin, Jimin, Jimin. Whoever told you that you are not beautiful should be shunned by all. period. For real tho, this kid - he's three years younger than me and cute as a button, yes I call him a kid - he IS beautiful inside and out. I could literally make a card based solely on how beautiful this guy is. I mean this kid practically took a picture with my cats twin......they look so much alike I even accused her of taking selfies with him and not inviting me.....
Park Jimin's lips are life goals for me. I stare at almost nothing else when they do closeups and he bites his lip all cute. literally it is that one thing about him that when he is talking my eyes always gravitate to his lips and stay there.
Mama Jin, you are my junior by 2 months, 2 measly months! I still see you like an older brother tho....or a close best friend who I am comfortable being around. My apologies for not having as many pictures of you as I do Jimin.....or Jungkook, but hey, JB is my GOT7 bias and I have less pictures of him than I do either of those two. I wouldn't consider Jin boring by any means necessary, but then I could see why the members think that he is. Being a 92 liber myself I completely understand the age gap. The further down the 90s we get and there are some serious age gap holes. I work with high school kids at my job and we now have teenagers born in 1997, 1998 and 1999. Long story short, THEY MAKE ME FEEL OLD!
Chim Chim just got in trouble.........oooohhh
Yep taking pictures with my cat....... this must be revenge for picking Kookie as my bias and him as my main bias wrecker....punishment achieved can you please stop taking selfies with my cat without me?!
Soo moral of this is that I don't think Jin needs to be told he's not boring.... I think he's got plenty of confidence and I'm sure that like me he feels the age gap with the younger members like I do with my coworkers. Jimin -you ARE beautiful and I know you struggle sometimes with your self-esteem, but please always know that abs or no abs you are my bias wrecker for a reason. You don't know how to stay in your own lane and we share a mutual infatuation with - Jungkook.....We're soulmates of the best kind :)
aww I love that reasoning! thanks for tagging me!