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Miss A - Touch
This Song Is So Underrated,Its so haunting and really shows the versatility of their vocals and the choreography is unique.
2ne1 - Gotta Be You
This song is SO hype <3
We want a comeback and a new album from 2ne1 and i miss Bom.
4 Minute - Crazy
Best comeback ever,i love this song i love 4minute ♡♥♡♥♡♥
Sistar - Shake It
Cant help but sing along to Bora's part
Aju funhago smarthage (heundeulheundeureo)
Onmomi jjirisjjirit uri duri (heundeulheundeureo)
Simhage tonghani yeogi bulnasseuni
When i move umjigyeo jari jabasseuni
Playback - Playback
This was such a strong debut that it doesn't even feel like a debut it feels more like a comeback
Wassup - Shut Up You
Deserve more views and likes, this song is so good!
Mamamoo - Mr Ambiguous
Kiss And Cry - Domino Game
They had potential sad they disbanded
Sunmi - Full Moon
Like a creepy scene from The Ring
Girls Generation - You Think
This is for the boys that talks shit about their ex.
Thanks for the tag @Mattk95 hope i'm not late
Happy New Year
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Well it's a little late, but this is really awesome, so who cares!!!!! I love the songs you chose ^-^ Especially Sistar and 2NE1 :D