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what are we gonna do about this... why on earth don't the crazy exo-l's (only the crazy ones) not want exo interacting with bts? why would they want them to be bitter enemies?
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saw this last night and left a nasty comment to koreaboothey need to leave both groups alone!
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I can't tell if koreaboo is the Korean e-news or if these are just small things that they are making a big deal out of. but I know that there is some truth to them simply because rumors broke up t-ara. I bet that these little fan Wars are only centered in Korea and not America. anties and fan-wars seem to be most frequent over there.
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Koreaboo needs to be deactivated. Exo-Ls are even like wtf are you talking, koreaboo?
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Just stop listening to Koreaboo, chances are Exo-L's didn't say anything
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It's just that the style of the dances are same, but the choreography is different
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