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Running her fingers through all the different textures hanging on the display she wondered which she should pick.
“A black out curtain would be best for him don’t you think?” Nabi turned looking at the man behind her looking through colors.
“Ah no don’t do that he would never wake up then. He’s on the second floor so he’ll have no problem with people looking inside his room.” Jin looked up from the book of paint colors he got when they walked in.
“Yea you’re right he already doesn’t like getting up no reason to give him an excuse to sleep more.”
“What do you think of this red color. It’s not that bright and it has a nice rusty undertone.”
“For the whole room? Well he does have a thing for the color red. It’s his room anyway so as long as he doesn’t get tired of it I’m fine with it.” She looked back at the selection choosing an opaque one with a hint of texture to it in a similar red.
“If he doesn’t like it he can repaint it himself.” Jin wrote down the number and type of paint they wanted for when they went back to the front.
“Thank you for doing this with me. Between my work schedule and his school schedule it’s really hard to get him things for his room. That and your truck will make it so I don’t have to ship the furniture to the house.”
“Oh it’s no problem. I was wondering if you had forgotten about your dear oppa.” He pouted playfully at her only to receive a light pat on the lips.
“I would never forget about you I’ve just been trying to keep everything strait with everything that’s going on.”
“I know they can be a handful.” He linked his arm with hers as she pushed the cart to the bedding section. Why was shopping for a boy’s room so hard to do. She thought it would be an in and out kind of thing but boy was she so wrong about that. Not really knowing what style of things he liked made it even that much harder.
“Let’s get him a black set with red accent pillows and sheets.” Jin seemed to really know what he was doing plus he knew the boy way better. She nodded picking up a black cotton comforter set, cotton always had the best feeling to it.
“So he has a new bed spread, curtains, we found a three-piece bedroom set for him since the bed is only on a basic frame. All we need to do now is get them to mix the paint at the front and we will be all set.”
“What about stuff for his walls?” She wanted at least one thing for the empty walls to make it feel less like a guest room.
“I have some pictures I’ve been taking of all the times we have hung out together including some from your café. I’ll make a collage for him to hang on his wall so he can have happy memories.”
“You’re the best Jin oppa~~~.” Having him here made everything just that much easier.