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Wiping his forehead, he looked at the wall in front of him. Why was painting a wall so strenuous? He looked over to see how the other two were doing. He couldn’t help but smile as he saw Nabi fighting with her hair getting red paint all over her face and in her hair. He put his brush down going over to her not bothering to hide his laughing.
“Ya crazy woman let me help you. You’re getting paint all over yourself.” He pulled the hair bow out of her hair putting it on his wrist before gathering her hair to put it back up in a tighter bun.
“Ah thanks Jimin I was having such a hard time it just kept falling down and my hands have paint on them….”
“Shhh it’s fine. Besides how is it that you managed to get more paint on yourself than the wall. I’m already finished with my wall and Jin hyung almost has his wall done.”
“Oh shut up I never said I knew what I was doing when I started this. I’m just winging it.”
“Well you need to wing yourself into the shower when we are done so you don’t get red all over your house.” There was nothing he could do but stand there in shock as he felt the cool paint smear across his cheek. Jimin could hear Jin’s laughter behind him and even heard him double over onto the floor.
“It’s not that funny Jin.” Jin tried to talk but no real words would come out. Nabi just grinned at him a glint in her eye making him worry that it was only the beginning. He touched his fingers to his cheek red paint coming off onto them. Reaching out he smeared his fingers across her cheek rewarding him with a gasp. He quickly closed his eyes as the brush landed right on his forehead. He busted out into laughter at the look he knew she was giving him despite him not being able to open his eyes.
“I already have enough paint on me without you putting more on me there sir.” She seemed so serious but all he could do was laugh. He truly was happy right now, she was back to her old self. She was treating him the way she had before. Aside from the need of constant supervision whenever he came over it seemed things were going okay. Kookie living here made the whole chaperone thing easier. It was bad that he was kicked out but now he didn’t have to worry about Nabi getting into any trouble living alone.
“Now I have more that your wall too.” He felt her hand smear the paint all over his face and into his hair.
“You know it almost matches your hair there ChimChim.” Jin had finally managed to catch his breath enough to say something. Stumbling towards his voice Jimin managed to hit someone with his paint covered hand.
“Ya hyung what the hell do you think you’re doing?” Oh no that wasn’t Jin, he thought to himself. Jimin tried his best to peak without getting paint in his eye.
“Kookie?” He could barely see two people and he figured one of them had to be Jung kook since no one had to get the door.
“No it’s me. V.” Jimin’s smile turned into a frown. If it had been Jung kook, he could have played it off and made him smile. It was V though, there was no playing around with him. He did his best to wipe the paint off his eyes with his shirt before looking at the one in front of him. V looked quite upset because of the paint on him. From nowhere a paint brush came flying out smacking Jimin on the clean cheek. V just had a huge grin on his face.
Omg yay!!! I am so happy Jimin and her are back to normal... God though Taehyung, please please don't kill me anymore than you already have... Oh well too late... I love you TaeTae!!! Awesome Nabi now chop chop next chapter... When does Tae get his love??? And Jin, Namjoon, Hobi and I still think Jimin needs to dump that sorry excuse of a gf and find a nicer girl so all the girls can be friends like the boys are...
can these paint fights be anymore cuter ughh plzz tag me in the next chapter lol
chim chim got payback fo hittin my hubby tae haha tis is cute haha I wish smelt him fun like tis happened to me haha
They're so adorable...😍😍😍
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