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Anywho....I was tagged by multiple people for this Challenge. Here are a few that I remembered that tagged me @AimeeH @xsandos17 @PrettieeEmm @Emealia @luna1171 @KellyOConnor and if I forgot you I am truly sorry I still love you all my loves so without further ado...
yep pretty much an adorable.kid with big dreams and a huge personality
still look the same just more grown up. same smile that I passed on to my son.
I love this. I also love that your son loves GD and Panda boy. He's has good taste... clearly he gets it from his mom. :)
@ladygdragon @jcl4rks0n why thank you my loves.
@deefran @luna1171 @PrettieeEmm yes he is Def my mini me except he is almost as tall as I am and he's only 8. lol and thank you
he is jealous*
@KwonOfAKind thanks oh and hole is jealous of my card I fot. he keeps trying to steal it and than asks me one for panda. Gd use to be his bias but now he loves panda...
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