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ROMEO again
aren't they super cute?? who's your bias /bias wreckers..? they have 2 video clips.. Target and love sick i like target..and Eric Nam helped write the lyrics..
so kawaii..they're rookies but i still fall in love..
They are way too underrated!!!! Their songs are really good though and they are brilliant when it comes to dancing*\(^o^)/* <3
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@jiggzy19 ok..what does underrated mean ? XD😂😂 im 14 and idek what it means im so do i get As in English lol
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@kpopdeluxegirl Underrated: Underestimated the extent, value, or importance of (something or someone) If a person or thing is underrated, especially a performer, most people do not recognise how good that person or thing is! Romeo need more love and recognition because they are underrated. (Hope this helped) :3 Nah you're not dumb...honestly I don't know how I get As in English either ^^
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