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Tattoo Challenge

So I have 1 Tattoo but if I could I would have at least 19 more tattoos. I love tattoos and Piercings. My grandmother has 5 tattoos and wants to get one more. She got her first tattoo the year I was born. My gather has tattoos, my siblings have tattoos and most of my friends have tattoos. I love Tats. But I like ones that have meanings to the person that decide to permanently put on their body. Some people just get tats without truly thinking about them. All the tats I will but on my body will have meaning to me and most will be designed by me. So @PrettieeEmm tagged me in this challenge and I'm sure maybe another to did as well. Basically this challenge it to show off your tats or any ideas of tats you wan and the meaning behind them if it's not to personal to share. So without further ado...
This on my upper back below neck. I designed it myself. It is my son's name and date of birth in the shape of a heart. The C is a moon and the I is dotted with a star. I got this in 2009 after a very scary instance of my son not being able to breathe and taking him to the hospital. Luckily he had croup, bronchitis which turned to asthma and I got him to the hospital in time for treatment. But I was so terrified of losing him. So my son is my heart walking outside of my body but he is also the moon and stats that light up our skies day anf night. He signifies my love and hope. So yeah that's the meaning There are a ton of tats I want and I might update this card later with drawings of them. But I want to get a semicolon on my wrist. maybe a music note and scale on my ear, an anchor, tulips, HP tat, a song quote romantic bigbang, and a quote in Italian about family, but there are so many more.
I love your tattoo its beautiful
I already posted my tattoo but yours is beautiful please keep posting new ones and thank you
@LunaCordero you are welcome
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