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There's no point to this article. I just wanted to share before the details get too fuzzy. I never have small insignificant dreams. My dreams are Real3D, full technicolor productions.
I think I was dreaming this morning that I was a secret agent. I was working with a new team on cracking this ultra tough code (their computers had been having a devil of a time cracking it, but somehow I'm just looking at it and I crack it in my head instantly). Anyway, we need to get to Russia because we have to infiltrate the secret lair of Doctor Nefario.
We run out of the building (which turns out to be a Hilton hotel) to go find a helicopter at 3 in the morning. Suddenly I had a burst of inspiration. "Guys, I have a helicopter. It's in the parking lot." Don't ask me why, but a significant amount of the dream was taken up building a full size helicopter out of Legos.
So I jump into my helicopter. My friends are outside the helicopter LAUGHING THEIR HEADS OFF while I'm bustling about testing the ailerons, gimbles, gauges, etc.
So I lock the doors and take off without them, because they were laughing at me. All of the sudden reality sets in for them. I'm flying off and they realize they still need a helicopter (of course, I made it to Russia first because it's really hard to find a helicopter that will fly to Russia at 3 in the morning.)
There are two downsides to flying a Lego helicopter I discovered. #1 - it can only go about 55 miles an hour, because if I pushed it any harder pieces would start flying off. #2 - There's little Lego dimples on all the seats. Not an inconvenience for short trips, but on long trips they do dig into the butt.
However, there are a few upsides to flying a Lego helicopter. #1 - Being made entirely of Legos it only weighs about 500 pounds, so it gets great gas mileage. #2 - And if you need something extra on your trip, there are spare parts everywhere.
So I'm about halfway over the Atlantic and I decide the trip would be nicer with some music. So I put the helicopter on autopilot (do helicopters have autopilot?) and I go in the back to build a radio. I build a nice radio out of Legos. It has a built in DVD player and Sirius satellite radio. I go back to the front of the helicopter and install the radio in the dash. I turn on the radio and it plays beautifully, but... It sounds an awful lot like my Pandora alarm clock.
I woke up at this point, kind of sad that the alarm went off.
I learned two things about myself this morning. #1 - My brain is a crazy place to spend the night. #2 - I want to buy some Legos...
You have some seriously awesome dreams!! I laughed so hard at this! Isn't it crazy what your brain thinks up when it is left to its own devices!
So, I had to go back and read it again because it is way too good to just read once! You really do have, "Real3D, Full Thchnicolor Production" dreams!