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So guys hello and Happy New Year it's time to get back to our fanfic This is Chapter 11 (We're almost done :P) . . If you are new click here for >Chapter 1< Did you miss >Last Chapter< Click Here
*TOP examines the case noticing you hadn't opened its since the seal on it had not yet been broken* *TOP opens the case staring at the CD before twirling it around his fingers* *He takes one final glance at it before putting in in the DVD player*
*He turns on the TV, and the screen flickers before the tape plays* *The TV shows TOP sitting in a room by himself, staring at his feet rather than the camera* TOP: Y/N....annyeong... *TOP nervously shifts in his chair* TOP: how are you? I hope your doing well. *stuttering* If- If you're not your dead okay *TOP chuckles to himself* TOP: I'm just kidding, if you were to die I think I'd- I don't really know what I'd do *TOP sits up to face the camera*
TOP: Y/N, but the reason I'm doing this is...I *TOP begins to rub the back of his head before standing up grabbing the camera* TOP: Please meet with me, this Friday I have something I'd like to show you *TOP wipes the sweat from his face* TOP:*speaking to himself* ahh, why am I like this
*TOP looks back at the camera* TOP: Please don't forget about this, I know it will be awhile from now. TOP: *laughing* Almost a week....but if you don't wish to go I will understand, but for now... Annyeong *TOP shuts off the video and takes the tape out placing it back in the case* Y/N: oppa... *TOP places the CD under his belt*
Y/N: oppa... *TOP places the CD under his belt* Y/N: Oppa! TOP: Y/N... *TOP opens the door and grabs you by your hand* Y/N: TOP-shi TOP: come on....there's something i want to show you
*TOP drives you to and open field, the stars are bright above your heads in the clear night sky* *TOP stops walking and turns to look at you smiling* Y/N: what are you so smiley about...? TOP: I have to smile, it's the best way to cover your true feelings Y/N: how so? TOP: if anything Y/N I'm actually sort of nervous...I've never brought anyone here before. I used to hang out a lot here as a kid
*TOP takes off his jacket placing it on the ground for you to sit on* *You and TOP sit down admiring the stars for awhile before he turns to look at you* *He stares at you for awhile before you notice his gaze* Y/N: TOP...oppa please don't look at me that way anymore *TOP falls silent and drops his gaze*
Y/N: If you keep looking at me that way you'll miss it *You turn to look at TOP after checking your phone for the time showing to him* Y/N: There's a shooting star and it's 11:11, make a wish before it's to late *You and TOP chuckle before shutting your eyes making a wish* *A moments passes a you open your eyes seeing TOP is still wishing. You sit up and stare at him* *TOP opens his eyes and I startled by your gaze*
TOP: *pouting* Y/N I thought we made a deal not to look at each other that way! Y/N: *teasing* No promises.... *TOP pouts to himself for a moment before turning to look back at you* TOP: Y/N.... Y/N: yea? TOP: *nervously* what did you wish for *You let out a breath before responding* Y/N: me? I wished for a happy ending to this crazy life i'm leading, What did you wish for?
*TOP laughs to himself* TOP: I can't tell you... Y/N: and why not? TOP: wishes don't come true if you tell others Y/N: but I told you mine.... TOP: *teasing* yea but I'm your's my job ~(^.^)~
*TOP gets up and reaches out his hand to pull you up* Y/N: Where are we going TOP: It's getting late, I don't want cause any worry, I'll take you home *You give TOP a small smile before taking his hand* *TOP walks you home and waits for you to safety enter you and Jiyong's house before walking away*
*TOP reaches into his pocket pulling out the photograph of you and the CD he had taken* *He runs his hand over it before taking out his phone to call Taeyang* TOP: Hello? I need you to run a quick errand for me.... I need you to get something from the studio for me
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I hope Deasung will show up too
I am not ready for this to end yet many thanks to you and have a safe happy new year.
@CarenBoykins He's in the next chapter :P And Happy New Year to you as well ♡
Missing my story :(
@amullins2007 Dont worry im planning on updating tomorrow :P Double update for you guys, okay ~(^.^)~