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@Jiyongixoxo @thepinkprincess @AimeeH @glo86 Well guys I believe I am in love. I have been dating my boyfriend a month and 9 days. He is legit everything I've prayed for. From his personality to his intrests. We have evreything in common and he is so perfect. He treats me right. He isn't ashamed of me either like my ex. My ex wouldnt hold my hand in public. Or even hold the door open for me. My current boyfriend holds my hand, hugs me, kisses me and puts his arm around me in public. He doesnt think Im fat. Or calls me names. My ex did that and made feel like shit. I also think about him constantly. I even dream about him. I even almost ran into a wall at work because I was thinking about him. Guess what none of my oppas are attractive to me anymore. You know how good looking they are. I only see Julian. No one else. I'm even starting to think growing old with him isn't a bad idea. I got it bad guys xD.
@Jiyongixoxo that makes me feel better about it
@otakukpopgirl lol I'm sure yongguk understands hes happy as long as your happy!
@Jiyongixoxo Thank you so much 언니!!! Im sorry Yongguk xD
Aww yay!!!! I'm so happy for you!!! You deserve this more than anything and I'm definitely rooting for you guys!! Fighting!
@thePinkPrincess aww >///< thank you 동상!!!! I didnt know you thought I was pretty hehehe
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