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Nothing lasts forever.

In 2015, we saw several brands flourish and while those brands basked in the spotlight, there were a few brands whose light went dim -- for good. As much as we all love fashion and a good item of clothing, we all know that nothing last forever -- even when it comes to the world of fashion.
While some brands have been combined with main lines, there are a handful of some that will never see the runway again. We don't like goodbyes, but in this specific situation -- the shoe fits. If you're interested in seeing what fashion brands are gone for good [praying that it doesn't happen to be your go to line], keep scrolling and see for yourself that all good things much come to an end according to Observer.

Fashion Brand: Band of Outsiders

Started: January 2004
Ended: May 2015

Fashion Brand: Marc by Marc Jacobs

Started: 2001
Ended: March 2015

Fashion Brand: Jonathan Saunders

Started: 2003
Ended: December 2015

Fashion Brand: Kate Spade Saturday

Started: March 2013
Ended: March 2015

Fashion Brand: Honor

Started: 2010
Ended: May 2015

Fashion Brand: Reed Krakoff

Started: October 2009
Ended: March 2015

Fashion never dies.

We will never forget. It was good while it lasted.
I didn't realize the Marc Jacobs brand ended. It was cute but quirky.
Well it technically didn't officially end, it's just teamed up and incorporated with the original Marc Jacobs line @EasternShell