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We made it weird everyone.

We left Loki and the Avengers in quite the predicament last week. This week we'll see the thrilling conclusion to our wild tale! Here it is everyone:
Loki was lip syncing on the floor. Well, several Lokis. The room was filled entirely with Lokis. They all grinned when Steve, Thor, and Tony entered the room.
"Well Lord nut hoarder," muttered Tony. "How do we know which one is the real one?"
Steve glanced at Thor. "You're the expert here. Lend us a buttcheek?"
Thor shrugged. "Brother? Please stop playing games, we have amends to make to the people of this realm."
In unison, the Lokis giggled.
"I'll behave when you tell me where the gold is," Loki smirked.
Tony groaned. "Oh no. See here's the thing. I lied." Tony leaned against a gargoyle. "It's a problem I have. So there is no gold. We're all digital now." Tony paused. "I could give you some digital gold."
Steve shook his head. "No, Tony stop-"
"No Steve this is a good idea. Just give me a sec," he pulled out his greasy phone and after a few clicks "okay, Jarvis is on his way with a computer."
Loki looked underwhelmed. Tony sighed.
"It's like a typewriter attached to a glitter bomb or, Thor help me out buddy?"
But Jarvis had already sent down a robot carrying a laptop attached to World of Warcraft. Tony opened it up for the Lokis.
"So you're already set up with a lot of gold, and there's an entire world in there for you to conquer. Just don't get too slow, and if you see a troll don't devour anyone, just find a way to quietly destroy them from the inside." Tony glanced at Steve. "I feel like he'll be good at this. Guy needs an outlet."
The Lokis combined into one, staring at the buttery screen.
"This... is.... beautiful."
Tony clapped him on the love slug.
"Play on pal."

That was a wild ride.

Tony, don't touch his love slug! omg!!! This is great.
I'm glad you all enjoyed it ^_^
ha. that was great.
beautiful. that is what this is.
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