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Hello guys! Ever since I joined Vingle a few months ago by posting Info-articles on anime, specifically elements that make up an anime, concept that defines an anime and the anime community in general, you guys have been such an awesome audience to have read the looooooooong articles that I've been doing just for fun. Admittedly, my post are overall quite long, having 5 cards or more with quite a huge amount of text following each one.
So, to make it easier for both you and me (as someone really has to dedicate time and effort, which apparently became me), I'll start off a new collection here on Vingle!


The "Quick Why anime?" collection

(Yes, very creative...)
In my "new" collection, it'll be very if not identically similar to it's sister-predecessor, the "Why anime?" collection, only in a smaller and "quicker" format.
The quota for myself when I make a "Quick Why anime?"-post is having only 3 cards or less: Intro, Info and Question (for you guys to answer and discuss in the comments). This might or might not affect my overall performance, we'll just wait and see :)
I'll be then focusing on BOTH, as I can lay off some work-load from the "Why anime?" where I post some heavy stuff and have the other lighter topics I want to touch on with the "Quick Why anime?". I'll still see the original collection as the go-to collection for ALL of my post, but when I feel like this topic is not cut out for a full-blown info-article, I'll simply go with the "Quick Why anime?".

What I'll be covering on the "Quick Why anime?" collection:

- Basically the same stuff as the "Why anime?" collection, only in a smaller format.
- Some topics might not get touched upon, while it also opens up the possibilites for other topics!
- The point is to highlight a question, which you can participate in answering! ^_^

Seeya over there!

Make sure now to BOTH follow the Original "Why anime?" and the newly created "Quick Why anime?" for more posts about and around anime!
And isn't it quite fitting now that a new year is upon us? :)
Happy New Year, everybody!