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Well, this is my 1st post in 2016!

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! Vingle community is awesome!

Here's my top 15 bias list after BTS ruined the whole thing in 2015, and probably still going to in 2016! I'm the 'choose one bias from each group' type, but since BTS is my ultimate ultimate group all of the members are on it. Thank you @VKookie47 & @4dalientae for tagging me~ This took me a while! I keep putting in in the draft... but it so fun to make :)

1. Jungkook (BTS)

I have so much to say, I made a card about him. The reason why i love him the most is he's basically everything i could ask for. (or maybe everything i want to be...) I really don't know what to say, check the card out if you want to know more ^^

2. Suga (BTS)

He's definitely a bias wrecker. I am so weak to a guy who has so much charms. Yoongi is crystal clear about things he likes and things he doesn't like. What i love about him is his love and passion towards music. I love all of the songs that he produced, it has character. He's charming in every way, but i love his smile the most. The last video is Suga & Jungkook's performance in MBC Gayo Daejun (151231). Suga showed us another charm and i love it even more that he's doing it with jungkook. You should watch it if you haven't.

3. Zion T

Yes, i LOVE his voice, i LOVE his style, i LOVE all of his songs, he always makes great music. He has a unique charm. I love Zion T before i have interest in BTS. After i like BTS i figured that Jungkook covers a lot of his songs. I've always imagined that it would be perfect if Jungkook sings together with Zion T. And..... it happened on 30th December 2015. I cried, no kidding... It was like a dream come true. I still can't believe that stage happened, it's so beautiful. It's definitely worth to watch. I love them both and they collab together... Life is wonderful.

4. V (BTS)

Okay so him and Jimin always confuses me, they keep changin around. But right now V is on top. I LOVE the first picture of him with a dog. I think that's my favorite picture of him (so far), i definitely have weakness towards guys who love dogs. Oh and i'm also weak towards a guy who has multiple charms (the 3rd gif ughh). But what i love about him the most, is he's definitely (my) boyfriend/husband material. He's VERY family oriented, he always talks about his family and ofc other BTS member. Oh and i made a card about him on his birthday!

5. Jimin (BTS)

This ball of fluff could turn hot af in a blink of an eye vice versa. His voice is amazing, his dancing skill is amazing, but what i love about him the most is because he's such a great friend. Other BTS members agreed that he's always there for them when they're worried or troubled. I think that's really charming. I love it when he's with other bts member, and his laugh is lovely.

6. J-Hope (BTS)

Oh gosh he looks so good in the first pic <3 He's the one who caught my eye the first time i'm interested in BTS. I don't know why... I love his smile in the second pic the most. He has a warm smile, definitely our hope. Well even though he got scared easily, but he's still a cool guy. Watching him dance is like watching a different guy. He's the type of guy who always smiles and happy but has a lot of worries behind it. Makes me want to hug him. He's our hope and BTS hope!

7. G-Dragon (Big Bang)

Well i have to put him. Just like what i said before, i love a guy who's passionate about things he do. G-Dragon is definitely one. All of his works are amazing, his style is truly one of a kind. I'm not really a VIP (but yes i love big bang) so i don't know him thoroughly. I just love all of his music. I think That XX is my favorite song of his, and Who You is my favorite MV of his.

8. Jin (BTS)

Okay now our beautiful princess... His place is so close to namjoon i almost couldn't choose which one to put first. The reason why i love Jin is because he's such a gentlemen omg, on top of his beautiful and princessy like image, he's such a guy. Why Jin is a gentlemen? Have you seen that great shoulder?! Ugh. I can see he works out a lot. Other charm that i like about him is despite all the busy schedule, he choose to enter a normal college. And he cooks well! That is so charming. He's definitely a great role model to other bts member. He's currently pursuing an acting degree... HOW AMAZING WOULD IT BE IF WE GET TO SEE HIM ACT?!

9. Rap Monster (BTS)

A leader who is damn smart and produced music as great as him is hot af. Glasses Namjoon always got me. (i have another weakness for glasses ><) He's definitely charming, and i love his picture with his mom. It makes him even more charming. Why is he the last BTS member on my list? It's not because i prefer the other member on top of him. DEFINITELY NOT THE CASE. I love him as much as the other without him BTS wouldn't be BTS. But he's kind of worrisome lately, I just hope he would take care of himself more. (Just like what V said)

10. Baro (B1A4)

Love at first sight? HAHA! Well, i think i can say that... This guy popped up on my tumblr timeline just before B1A4 debut date, and i fell in love. When i heard his voice.... i fell deep...deeep.... On top of his sharp face and deep rap voice, he can act well. I watch Reply 1994 because of him, i watched God's Gift because of him. (I tried to watch angry mom, but couldn't handle it.) He's amazing.

11. D.O (EXO)

Doesn't everyone has a bias in EXO? well idk.. but i do, it's D.O. My bias in EXO was Sehun at first, but D.O climbed up after i watched him in It's Okay That's Love. That drama is like my most favorite drama (so far), D.O definitely nailed his character. Next is his character in I Remember You, the psycopath. He's AMAZING, i want to watch him act more! (EXO Next Door is just him being a typical cool guy, so it was just okay.) Plus he has an attitude, a cute penguin that could kill.

12. Jackson (GOT7)

He should be in everyone's bias list.... no? Hahaha, HE'S JUST SO MUCH FUN TO BE WITH. Man, my life would be great and fun all the time with him in it!! Like he wanted a freakin donkey for his birthday!! How amazing is that?! Oh that second gif though.

13. B.I (IKON)

Well, he just recently climbed up... I really like this set of gif about him being an adult. His face is hillarious. I don't know much about IKON yet... I didn't follow them since the beginning, but i really like his voice. What made him climbed up is his dance in Running Man. HE LOOKS SO ATTRACTIVE! And i found the original video, he probably did it together in Mix & Match before. The 'ROCKET' one.... So good...

14. Mino (Winner)

He looks like Baro, maybe that's the reason why too... I LOVE his voice, especially when he raps. I LOVE his song 'Fear' featuring Taeyang that he did in SMTM. It's great. Well i like Mino first, but since winner hasn't made a comeback yet, B.I is on top of him. But i think i like them both the same~

15. Yesung (Super Junior)

He's my ex ultimate bias. I have to put him in here or else i will feel so bad... I loved him before as much as i love Jungkook now. What made me love him so much at first was his eyes. On top of that his voice is just so beautiful... Super Junior was also my ultimate group, but my heart lets go of them. hahahah idk... When Yesung entered the military, 2 years ago i promised to wait (just like other ELFs at that time), but all of these new younger groups are distracting... Plus SJ didn't have a comeback for a year in between Sexy, Free, & Single and Mamacita. Now i love BTS as much as i love SJ before... I feel bad for leaving, but it's time for them to get married really~ A little history, yewookyu is actually from Yesung, Ryewook, Kyuhyun. They were my top biases at that time. I still use it until now because it sounds good and so i'd never forget the reason why i love kpop, hahaha. SJ KRY is actually having a concert in my country today... Like really today, 1st January 2016. I'd die to watch KRY concert if it was 2 years ago. But now i have other priorities on top of their concert. :(
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