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You've got a tough choice to make everyone.

If you never played this game before here's how it works: you get three characters (today it's Sherlock, Loki, and Castiel- because they look darn good in those coats) and you have to decide which one you'd marry, which one you'd boink, and which one you'd kill.

Yup. It's basically life or death.

So... what do you choose?
kill Loki, boink sherlock, marry the angel man
Oh sheeeeet. >_< Well, I'm not marrying no God, so Loki is a Boink or Kill. An Angel would also make a terrible husband. So he's also in those two categories. Guess I'm marrying Sherlock. *rubs chin* I'd probably Kill Loki and Boink Castiel. Gods just freak me out. -_-
@ButterflyBlu that's a good point, Loki does't stay dead for too long... then again neither does anyone else on the list XD
ooohhhh noooo. I can't decide.
Marry Loki cuz he's going to rule the world one say and he needs a good woman to keep him grounded Boink Sherlock Kill Cas cuz he's an Angel of the Lord and anyway, Sammy and Dean-o would never let him stay dead for long
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