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Let's see what happens next.... Shall we...
His heart went to pieces, his mind went dark. He been looking for you. He won't stop till he finds you and take the boys. picture #1: He found where you've been trapped. His anger fills the air. He prepare himself to fight you back into his arms. "your coming home.." he says. **As he is coming towards you, your crying. The salty blood is coming towards your mouth. How you wish to have water. Your head hurts from the hit. As you open your eyes. You find yourself in a dark basement. Rats crawling everywhere, you jump. Then the man shows his face. "finally awake huh" he said. "you will lose..again" you spit. Then SLAP ... you feel your face burning. ** picture #2: The door slammed,, Daesung came and saw how bad you look. His anger becomes dark as his mind filled with revenge. As he was about to attack the bad guy. BANG!! He got hit by the head and blacked out. All he heard was you screaming his name. "my love..." was his last thought.
picture #1: he is chained up. But you was no where to be found. He gets more frustrated. He put his head down....tears want to fill in. but he held them back. "what the f_ck!!!!" he yells. **you are crying. "is he alive, oh please be alive Daesung. Don't have me here. I'm scared. I need you, I want you." Then you fell asleep. ** picture #2: His mind got crazy as his heart remembers you. "I will go to you,my love. I won't give up. I promise t get you back home. " he quietly says. Then he looks around and figure out how to escape.
picture #1: He escaped but you was gone. he is trying to figure out where you might be... until a group of men starts running towards him. He quickly got up and ran. picture #2: They caught him, and a fight burst out. But the men surrounded him and started all at once. Then they pinned him to a alley wall. One of the men took a phone out and place it on his ears. He hears you scream an scream and scream... "leave her alone" he shouts "Eye for an eye" the called said . BANG BANG BANG!!!!! he heard gunshots and then the call got disconnected . He collapse to the floor and the boys let him go and left. picture #3: His heart went into pieces. His body became weak. The pain falls his lungs... NO NO NO NO... He yells. picture #4: "I'm sorry, my love. I didn't get to you. I broke my promise. Now your gone.. and its my fault" he cries deeply. picture #5: He laid down and cover his eyes. Remembering those beautiful eyes you carry and how smooth your skin is. His heart is broken. then he remembers something..... **you cover your head as you heard the gunshots. you heart stops and your breathing became hard. you look up and you see the guy shooting in the air. "thank god" you say to yourself.**
picture #1: he remembers that one if the men said "what a joke.." when the gunshots happened. He is starting to feel hope and begin to believe that you alive. "your alive,, I know you are. I'm coming.." he said. picture #2: He got into a old factory place where you are located. His anger grew to a point that no one couldn't stop him. **Bang.....Bang...Bang...Bang... what's going on you said to yourself... All you hear is gunshots after gunshots. Then you hear two people fighting and then the last gunshot...BANG!** picture #3: "BAE BAE?? WHERE ARE YOU?" he screams. You got excited! "DAESUNG!! IM HERE, IM HERE!!" Then he opens the door. He looks at you and tears fill up his eyes.
Two months later..... You both move to another place. A new start to a new life. The past stood in the past. picture #1: Both took a walk to the beach. The sun is feeling good and the wind was perfect. He looks at you with the most caring eyes. "I got something to ask you.." you said. "tell me.." he responded. You pulled out a small scarf and tied it around his neck.."you've promised to protect me and you did. now, will you promise to love me forever?" you said. picture #2: he looks at you. And he laughs. "what's funny?" you grinned. "are you proposing me?" he giggles. "yah.." you laugh. he laughs also. As the sun hits towards you, he got close to you.. then he gives you the most passionate kiss. You went into a spell. He is yours and he is your forever. He broke the kiss and all he can do is smile.
Hope you guys enjoy my stories!!!! Many more to come this new year. Tomorrow a preview will be posted of a new story I'm working on. And its BIG!! comment below,,, if you wanna get tagged for the next new story.







they filmed daesung's part in loser like 2 blocks away from my house
Tomorrow needs to hurry.
@Kpossible4250 @thePinkPrincess @SabrinaSakura thank you 💖💖💖 and its big bang...... it will be... shhhh that's a secret. 😎
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