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(Idk why I laughed so hard with this gif)
So I was tagged by @KaiTakashima to do this challenge....
The original card was created by @jgallegos222 and the link is <<HERE>>
This would have to be one of my favorites Kpop related pictures.... They look just so badass and Jackson just look so hot with that hair color and those clothes!!!
Nickname? Well since my name is Teresa, I like to be called either Terry or Tere whichever one you preferred...
My favorite dance practice video would have to be BigBang 'Bang Bang Bang'.... I've lost count on how many times I've watched this dance I really want to learn it but I never do it... The reason why I liked it is simply because everytime i hear I want to dance and wel it's BIGBANG after all...
There are others dance practice that i love which are Bts 'Dope' because the dance is super cool and Got7 'Just Right' (Crazy Boyfriend ver.) because it's so darn cute
My current favorite song would have to be Bts's Rapmon & Jungkook Cover 'Fools' I just can't get enough of it, not only Jungkook voice is amazing but NAMJOON tho! He Killed it!!!
My All time fav song would have to be 'Somebody Else' by Se7en
My favorite Bias Groups would have to be BigBang, Bts. and got7 I just can't get enough of them.. I mean how can I? BigBang they are KINGS (My bias is Taeyang), Bts you just can't not love them (Bias Jimin & Rapmon) and Got7 this dorks are going to be the end of me I swear (Bias Jackson)
How I got into Kpop?
Well I started with k-dramas and I'm proud to say that I've spent 3 years of my life watching korean dramas which I still do and adore.... at the beginning I actually didn't know about kpop so I just listen to ost of my favorites korean dramas and trying to find if my favorites actors are actually singers.... That happened because when I was searching for the ost of Boys over flowers I found out that one of my favorite actor (Kim hyun joong) was part of a boy band SS501 and then my ultimate fav actor Lee Min Ho also sings (Although he is not an idol) so that was basically what I listened too... Oh and the playlist of 'You're Beautiful' was one of my favorites but I never actually found out kpop in itself.... After more dramas and me randomly searching on youtube I found Se7en I fell utterly in love with him and his music specially his songs 'I'm going crazy' and 'Somebody else' and after that I found Bigbang 'Monster' another fav song but even then I didn't actually know WHO BigBang is or which are the members so I just listened to some of their songs....Until Bts, My best friend was utterly obsessed with exo and then she found out about Bts but she never got me into since we were in different schools so she just mentioned it not fully developing it until we spent the whole summer together where she finally show me exactly who bts was and their music and obviously i fell in love with it and then I found out about Vingle and well after that it was the end of a normal life (hahah jk jk I never actually had one)
Tagging Everyone!! If you haven't done it yet please do so.... hope I didn't bore you with this card.....
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If I tagged you two times then I'm sorry!!
Although you did not tag me ill count myself in though (;
HaHaHa I thought you had forgotten that i was the one that introduced them to you(: Im so glad that i got to share them with you after all we keep each other updated about things.LOVE YOU!!!
@baileykayleen 'You're beautiful' was my first kdrama ever and after that my life basically consisted of no sleep but marathons of kdrama
Nice to meet you Terry! BigBang is awesome, they were one of the major reasons I got into k-Pop. I also did the dramas thing before although I am not nearly as committed as it seems you are lol. But the two you mentioned where my first two I ever watched.
Nice to meet you Terry!! I learned alot about you thank you very much :)
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