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(Quick Why anime?) Is Overrated necessarily bad?

The definition of the term "Overrated" is: "If something or someone is overrated, that person or thing is considered to be better or more important than they really are" - dictionary.cambridge.org And if there's any word used to describe an anime, the most used one would be "Overrated", whether or not it deserves that description or not. We give this term to the anime that has lots and lots of hype... ...and we've come to accept this as a bad thing... Is it?

The term Overrated in anime

Here are some shows that are classified as "Overrated" (by a fair amount of viewers): - Death Note - Sword Art Online - Attack On Titan - Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood - Naruto (Shippuden) Notice now that all of these anime are all on the top 10 board of the most POPULAR anime (counted in amount of people watching/watched) on MyAnimeList.net, and (with the exception of Naruto) four of them are even on the top 5 (klick here for the entire list)! These anime aren't necessarily bad, on the contrary, they are actually good (subjectively of course, I like them all)! Look at Death Note, the most fan-favoured anime of all time! Look at FMA:B, the currently highest ranked anime on MAL! Why has it come down so that the term "Overrated" is considered bad when it represents something very good in several cases as these when weirdly, a large amount of people seem to label them "Overrated". I don't have the answer, you guys can debate that in the comment-section and come up with a conclusion :)

Personal Input:

I do believe that anime-elitists takes this oppertunity to bash on the great animes mentioned. In other words, it's their oppertunity to bring hate to "Overrated" anime. Then, regular people and viewers like us have simply adjusted ourselves to their standards and it's become a word of despise. I want that term to change the community's impact, by tying it to positive reactions rather than negative ones. I want the term to be a situational term for a specific reason! By definition, "Overrated" anime has the ability to attract a bigger audience as it naturally has a bigger audience, so these show's are then the ones we should use as Introductory-anime who are new to this medium of entertainment and media! So, Overrated show's should be able to create new anime-fans? :O

So, here's my question to you:

Is the term "Overrated" overrated?

And is Overrated necessarily bad? Comment, answer, discuss and conclude in the comments below! Now, this card is a part of my spin-off series to the original "Why anime?" collection, where smaller and "quicker" posts around anime and what comes with it is brought up. So make sure you check out and follow the "Quick Why anime?" collection for more posts! :D
And a like on this post would be very much appreciated :* Happy New Years! //VoidX X
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The only thing on that list I would describe as "overrated" is Attack on Titan but a more appropriate term for my case is over hyped. I feel less inclined to watch an anime that everyone says is amazing because I know I'll be disappointed. The popular animes are definitely good as Gateway animes. Most people's were things like Dbz and Naruto. The problem I have with the "popular" animes is that a lot of the fans are a bit casual watchers and refuse to accept that there's anything wrong with the show. You can like it all you want you just need to acknowledge its flaws. I know Dbz isn't perfect but it's still my favorite and that's fine. "Walking Dead fans are the biggest offenders I find. Lol)
I think that any anime that becomes mainstream will be considered "overrated " by fans in that don't want to get caught up in bandwagons or fangirling/fanboying. However if an anime becomes super popular that everyone s talking about it, that means the show is worth watching. The artists are obviously talented enough to create great shows and that's why there is such a huge random. I love all the anime that's mainstream and not. I'm just a fan of a Creator that can make awesome shows for me to enjoy! :)
The term "overrated" is definitely overused. The word itself is very important in judging media like anime, so the word "overrated" isn't necessarily overrated. It's just used too much for anime that are not technically overrated.
I don't like how people bash on others who just watch naruto, one piece, fairy tail and bleach because if they love those anime then that's what they like. It's just very disheartening to see this division especially in our community. It's perfectly okay to like "popular" anime because in my opinion the anime listed here is very good. I hate to see people being hated on for liking what they like. Thank you very much for bringing this up as it's a topic we need to discuss
@VoidX Well, I mean, it applies to everything, not just anime. For example, I personally think Star Wars is overrated (especially the new one), but that doesn't mean I don't like/enjoy it; I just don't think it's the best thing ever like it's made out to be. Extremes are just part of human nature. But like @AmazingAshley said, if something is perceived to be "overrated," it's a good indication that it's worth checking out
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