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Ok, lemme just say THANK YOU ALL... I am not really good with speeches, and I shall try to be as good as possible and if not, oh well, to hell with it. To @katieloidlei I want to thank you for giving me a happy birthday wish and that you rock, it may not be alot to you, but to me, it feels like you've came here and told it yourself, so thank you :D To @cheerfulcallie I just want to say that you are awesome and that guy who will be the one, well lets say he'll be having a leech behind his back to check on him at all times, buahahahaha, aanyways... I want to thank you too for a birthday wish, it makes me feel blessed to live life so thank you... To @blairwitme I am relinashinee and i welcome you to our humble abode (teehee), well yes, i am frnz with cheer, kat, yin and many more on this site that, it's pretty awesome talking to them, as if they are right in my house laughing and talking with me, n thnxzzzz 4 just visiting :) And last, but never least: @YinofYang ... I am quite honoured to have a card, fro my birthday, and its even more cooler, that you are all the way in the US while ii am in lil ol NZ... To be quite honest, I feel like your a part of my family (as well as the others, lol, famireeee) and the older sister I've never had. And I want to thank you as well for remebering my BIRTHDAY, ahahahaha... And to all of you, I ♥ U GUYS... I will never forget this and *tearsing up* KAHMSAHMIDAH n SARANGHE *bows* Thank you and this card is all dedicated to you all :D (p.s can you guys give mee da deets to your guys BDAE too??? lol )
@saharjalpari9 lol... thnxzxzz
lol dis is sooo cute :) <3
lol, yay im so happy :D ♥♥♥
Definitely loved it. :D
ahahahaha, datz a done deal, of course il meet yu... LOL :D i hd fun mkn this :D n hoped u guys loved iht :)
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