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LOVE this photo, which was taken by Krista Mason Photography!!!!!!! If you're not sure what the big deal is, then keep reading and looking at the outfits pictured. This is important!
First, You ALL KNOW how much I can't stand purple. But this actually makes me happy. There's a richness to the saturation that is stunning!
Second, PANTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Anyone else do a double-take after seeing this?! YES--bridesmaids CAN WEAR PANTS! It's OKAY! You have to admit that this look is so thoroughly modern, yet it's chic, classy, and very exciting to look at. That juxtaposition between "bridesmaid" and the masculinity of the pants creates a lot of excitement and wonder.
Third, VARIETY! I can never preach enough that it's not only OKAY, but a great idea to give your bridesmaids a look that includes variety. Things like color, pattern, cut, silhouette, style, etc. I could go on and on about examples of what I mean. But just look at the photo. While the color is the same, go give this look some base, each of the garments is totally different from one another. Pants, for one. Then the two gowns have V-line and bateau necklines. Such a striking difference!
What are your thoughts on the pants, for one and the idea of mixing things up to give your bridesmaids variety? I think it's just terrific!