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KISUM I personally really like kisum She has her own style of rapping And also I'm shipping her with AOA's jimin lol Her song I like It and You And Me are really good
Kittib She made a song with Zion T I'm so happy that this year she joined brand new
GILME She was part of Clover Her song Don't kill my vibe is one of my favorite songs She's very talented :)
Yuk Ji dam She was in SMTM3 and Unpretty Rapstar She was the youngest in UP, Currently 18 years old Also known as "Mildang Girl" Made a collaboration with Shannon Williams, her song on&on was truly beautiful Jessi treats her daughter lol
AHN SOO MIN Was in SMTM4 And UP 2 She needs to get more recognition, her rapping is really good black Nut has a crush on Soo min, he asked for her number in SMTM4 But Sungjae said he fell in love with her on a photo shoot I wouldnt be surprised if Black Nut disses Sungjae lol
Jessi Her song "SSENUNNIE"" is good and she made a song with JYP