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Sorry I havent updated this sooner, I've been a bit busy. ***Again, Lay WILL NOT be attending ANY SHOWS due to his schedules in China*** TICKETS HAVE NOT GONE ON SALE YET BUT I HAVE WHERE THEY WILL BE SOLD FROM!!!!!!!! Dallas- AXS Vancouver- Ticketmaster LA- Ticketmaster Chicago- Ticketmaster NYC- Ticketmaster CONCERT TIMES Dallas (160210)- 6:30pm @ Verizon Theatre Vancouver (160212)- 7pm @ Thunderbird Arena LA (160214)- 6:30pm @ Los Angeles Memorial Sports Arena Chicago (160219)- 7pm @ Rosemont Theatre NYC (160221)- 6:30pm @ Prudential Center (NJ) If you have any questions you may ask me (preferably by message) but you can also ask MyMusicTaste on twitter, they answer a lot there (@_mymusictaste) and I'm assuming you can on their facebook (https://m.facebook.com/mmtglobal/) If you have any questions for me but dont feel comfortable asking me here, I will put my social media below Twitter: @exocheol Instagram: sorryimnyaaa Kik: nyaranel18 Line/Snapchat: nya180 Thank you! I love all my fellow EXOLS and hope everyone has a great New Year and is safe! - Nya
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@CeilidhHoadley honestly i have no idea. they dont say anything about when they will be released. it has to be soon though
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Many online sources say it will be either today or tomorrow. Seeing as they won't just pick any random day to release it. (Guess they thought why not new years eve/day) but I'm not sure ;-; @exocheol
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I've been trying to find the website where the tickets were sold. Thank you for postinf this! :)
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@CeilidhHoadley iiiiii then we'll have to keep an eye out! thank you :)
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@dinoflan50 no problem! glad i could help a little bit :)
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