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I present to you the winner of the Knockout Game, Ichigo Kurosaki. He has managed to come through 9 exhilarating rounds of elimination to come out on top, at the end. He has been given the title of the MOST BAD-ASS by none other than the fans and otakus all over the world. Ichigo has made it this far due to what he has shown us in his anime show "Bleach" where he has proven that in the worst of fights he will continue to fight for what is right and he will go to extreme lengths to protect the ones he cares for and even to protect those who aren't able to protect themselves. This Hollow Hunter has earned a special place in our hearts and in our otaku little minds. Let's give it up for Ichigo one last time for being crowned; THE MOST BAD-ASS.


As I stated in the round eight elimination card, there will be a second round of the knockout game as my way of welcoming in the new year. What other way can we welcome it than by recognizing the bad ass women of anime. But before I can start it, I need Imputs from all of you. Just like this version, there will be 10 contestants...the only problem is I only have seven contestants so far and here they are...
Maka Albarn- Meister
Rukia Kuchiki- Hollow Hunter
Tornado- S Class Hero
Riza Hawkeye- 2nd Lt., Boss ass Sniper
Hinata Hyuga- Need I say more?
Akame Murasame- Leader of the Night Raid
Mikasa Ackerman- Top member in the 104th platoon; Survey Corps (Scouting)

But that's only Seven....

This is where you guys come in, I need you to help me fill in the blanks and it has to be done, by 11:59:59 pm EST. Give me your best three candidates for badass women and they may be a contestant! So Hurry and get to commenting! What are you waiting for???
@AdamDean I forgot to mention Stella Vermilion as an option from Chivalry of a failed knight.
Iki Hiyori !!! And Master Mavis !!!
Erza scarlet, Asuna, Ryuko Matoi from Kill la Kill
I personally would like to see Yoruichi instead of Rukia. 馃槀
but I'm glad Ichigo won. 馃槡
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