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■□■Who's Your Moderator■□■

Attention all VIP's

Starting January 1st it's going to be a New Era!!

It'll be the NEW YEAR and there's a NEW MODERATOR

●○● (That's me lol) Hello, Hello ●○●
So I'll be the new moderator of the Big Bang Community but of course not without my team...

Squad Assemble!!

Please show them some love ♡♡♡

Let's have a lot of fun this quarter Don't be afraid to get crazy!!

We're in this together !!


But before you go let me now something about yourself ♡ Tell me ANYTHING about yourself in the comments (And you can question me as well and I'll answer ANY question)

Let's join forces and start this year off with a BANG!!


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@NatashaRoot Wow cool friend!!! their concert were excellent, you won't regret it, we work hard play hard!!
2 years ago·Reply
Thanks guys! 😄 I'll have to agree with you, my friend is pretty cool, she introduced me to bigbang and now I'm deeper into the world of Kpop than she ever has been! 😂 I couldn't be more thankful though
2 years ago·Reply
Hey everyone! Let's have a great new year! I am always here to talk about anything no matter how weird you think it is:) I hope I can do a good job with my group and please you all! Love you guys:)
2 years ago·Reply
@NatashaRoot I was at the Anaheim show too! Welcome to the BB universe. I'm happy you got to go.
2 years ago·Reply
hello TOP my ub. my sister has gotten me into kpop since about 2006 maybe so yeah just about 10 years of loving kpop. TOP has been my UB for about 5 years now. i love their music i love how they are different.
8 months ago·Reply