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Attention all VIP's

Starting January 1st it's going to be a New Era!!

It'll be the NEW YEAR and there's a NEW MODERATOR

●○● (That's me lol) Hello, Hello ●○●
So I'll be the new moderator of the Big Bang Community but of course not without my team...

Squad Assemble!!

Please show them some love ♡♡♡

Let's have a lot of fun this quarter Don't be afraid to get crazy!!

We're in this together !!


But before you go let me now something about yourself ♡ Tell me ANYTHING about yourself in the comments (And you can question me as well and I'll answer ANY question)

Let's join forces and start this year off with a BANG!!


I just want you all to know that my inbox is always open. If you have questions, comments, need to vent/rant, just need someone to talk to or a shoulder to cry on, I am here for you. This community is about support and friendship as much as it is about our love for BIGBANG. If you need anything, please don't feel shy or hesitant about letting me know. I think the same goes for the rest of the mod team. WE ARE FAMILY! 💕 -TY Samurai
I don't feel so bad now about my age. my oldest son got me into the dramas. my first was boys over 💐. and I can't help myself. I too love BIG BANG. I can't really say who my bias is, cause I 💖 them all. HAPPY NEW YEAR.
umm... hi! I've been on vingle for a while now, but I don't really post much. I'm looking to get into it more and love bigbang. I have been listening to them for about three years now but just recently learned about them and their stories when my friend came up with the crazy idea to go to Anaheim for their concert. we worked our butts off to get tickets and just finished working for a very nice lady that gave us some money in advance. It was so worth it though!
@KpopMom Age doesn't matter in this community, you're still fabulous♡ And we all love you :) Its great to have you here in this community and I hope we can make year stay here this quarter the best!! Have fun, and Happy New Year!! ~(^.^)~
Well..... I have had a blast this year irritating the rest of my non Kpop family members with my obsession of G-Dragon, BigBang and Rain .... This whole Vingle Community has been the best thing ever ! And since my daughter @ lilbrOwneyes let my age out ..... Hahahahaha guess everyone knows now but I don't care 😘 anyway let keep this new year Rocking with everything BigBang 💕💕💕🐲🐼.
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