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This is another not-so-popular group, but I love these kinds of groups. My bias in this one is a strong one so of course I have to share this with my community=D If you have heard of them, tell me who's your bias?? This is...UP10TION! (업텐션) Debuted: 15.09.11 Label: T.O.P Media
Debut Song: So Dangerous (위험해) This dance is so lively and entergetic and the song is just so catchy!
Come As You Are (그대로) This video is just adorableXD
Catch Me! (여기여기 붙어라) This is their most recent mv and my favorite of theirs. The dance is so cool and different. The mv is just adorable and it made Wooshin my offical bias for this group!
Discography: Top Secret, Bravo
Get to know them better with their predebute show...Rising! UP10TION (라이징! 업텐션) Here is a english subbed playlist on youtube... Here is their official website to learn more about the group and the members! If you haven't checked out my other card about AlphaBAT go do that now!!
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My sons. ;; I love all of them I guess the closest one to being a "bias" would be either Wooshin, Kuhn, Or Sunyoul. (See how I can even pick one for a bias??)