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Ohaiyo, Miina-san! So, today, we have two contestants who passed the preliminary rounds and are now squaring off against each other in Round One of Decision December! Give it up for Rin and Kakashi (and no, all you trolls out there, not THAT Rin!!)
Contestant 1: Kakashi Hatake! Kakashi Hatake: the sixth Hokage.he is the highest ranking shinobi of the Konohagakure, and a proficient wielder of many jutsu and weapons. his mastery of jutsu includes, but isn't limited to: the Raikiri, rasengan, various earth style, fire style, and water style jutsu, etc.
Contestant 2: Rin Okumura! Say hello to the son of Satan! Rin, and his twin brother Yukio are the half-demon sons of Satan from the anime and manga Ao no Exorcist (Blue Exorcist). Rin's demon powers were sealed into the Demon-Slaying sword, Kurikara. When the sword is unsheathed, Rin bursts into blue flames, with two flame horns spouting out of his head. He is able to heal extremely quickly, and is very powerful. If he loses himself to his demon blood, he can become strong enough to defeat his full-demon half brothers. However, this comes at the price of forgetting everyone around him and being unable to differentiate friend from foe. Rin works extremely hard to prevent this from happening. Rin was finally able to master control of his flames, so that he can direct them only at what he wants to destroy. He is an extremely proficient natural swordsman, but is still in training. He and his brother work together to soundly defeat Satan and destroy the Gehena Gate, the opening to the demon world, which had been opened and Satan released to turn Ashiha into a demons paradise. They merged their demon powers, increasing their power tenfold, and, as a giant blue phoenix, sliced through this demon door the size of the Chrysler Building.Rin fights for everyone, even pigeons being tortured. He always, always tries his hardest to become a better person and defeat Satan
Ok, so there you have it! Hentai, ninja master and hokage, paired up with the chef/excorcist half-demon son of Satan. Who do you think will win? Oh, and if anybody says that Kakashi should just use a Chidori on Rin cause it worked the first time, I will hunt you down! (although, really, I made the connection first, ssssooooo....) A shout out to all my wonderful co-authors!! @VinMcCarthy@TylerDurso@tbell2 @DaiGakuSei @MadAndrea @ThatPerson512 @Danse And, Tagging: @biancadanica98 @BlackoutZJ @Bloodraven @BrettBrown @BrittanyFrazee @ButterflyBlu @Cager @CaitlinDavis @Calanator @ChibiEVE @chris98vamg @ChrisLuu @chrisramirez23 @ChristianRankmo @ChristinaOMalle @ChristopherKenn @Chronoshindo @chuyslim @ColeSevigny @ConnerThompson @CoreyPellegrin @CreeTheOtaku @CrimsonBlitz216 @Cytlaly @DaequanLewis @Danse @DariusLigon @deathsaia @DipDopOfTheDip @DustinPowe @Elecktra987 @electica @EmilianoMacias @EricS @FernandoGarza @franklovespuns @GalenUnleashed2 @gh0str3con1596 @GinnaL13 @GregSchulte @Haidurr @HaleyPerkins @HessenGalan @HiddenOne15 @IanHand @IanHoyer @IrvinHoyos @IsaiahWaterford @ItsMeKafar @jacobsnyder @jairoescobar54 @JaisonRagnaught @Jason41 @Javi201 @jeremimzy17 @JessaxD @jevonlowery @Jithu @JoelCarmonaRoja @JoelCruzJr21 @JonathanBellamy @JonathanBurnham @JonathanJones @JosiahDoyle @JosieAnime15 @JulieBurk @Kaidra @Kakashilover @KathyGarcia @Kaycemadison @KellerBertrand @KenonWilliams @Kiirahaha @Kirik @Kirooken @KittyCommittee @LaqondaHope @Lawzo @LetsGoAnime @littlechibi97 @littlemaryk @Lorena13 @Luffy051 @MaighdlinS @MajahnNelson @MariamaFeaster @Markimooluv @metaleuphoria @MetalMorgan @mirandaTate @MisfitMashup @MohammedSaheel @MoonRose @msfancysunshine @MusicLover4Ever @natsu2 @nberry1620 @RadChick10 @ravenator143 @SAGEOTAKU @samihudson @SamuelGutierrez @SantaraJones @SareBear @sasunaru @sbrisita @SeanMcintosh @SeaseaBlue @Sensui @Shaggystwin @Sharia @ShawnKukacka @Shippudenguy21,
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I CAN'T CHOOSE!!!!!!!!! 😢😢😢
rin is stupid and cute and i absolutely love hime butlets face it, Kakashi is uber taleted and smart he will definitely win
so I think it's safe to say that Kakashi is the winner of this match