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Yes we did, We did. Just a humble thought.. Then BOOM... Or Splat! The Mercs with mouths were born. Our humble beings..
When our Anti Hero was trying to pull off being some sort of deranged Batman. To when the mighty few that agreed that Deadpool is a loon and he needs his shine. Thus the Merc with Mouths
We experienced battles... DEADPOOL VS ANYONE . Including The Mask . Our not so much hero won some and lost a few humbly.
The talks we had with Deadpool, he casually like to wear people's stuff... Seriously. Especially Spider-Man's and messing with his Web shooters!
What a bro-ship, we lived it with you.. MR. WILSON! then we were smacked with your trailers for your live movie!!
The trailers did not let us down at all. We are happy to see Ryan Reynolds bring you to the big screen with that dead booty.. Well I'm happy to see the dead booty... But here at the Mercs we are just happy your movie got rated R.. You hear me R!!!
@lavonyork @shannonl5 @BeannachtOraibh @SamTheMallow Caught your Netflix Queue, your movie script, stealing Cloud's ride and your confusing Christmas list... But the average person would not get you, but your Mercs get ya!
Nope, that's not it! We are taking you into next year, into 2016 and it's going to be a bash with all the Mercs! We think you are stupid but hell that's a complicated compliment in your book! You done us all well Wade Winston Wilson ♥ ♥ from the Mercs with mouths (the hearts are from me )
guys, GUYS I got three pages done already... lmao
Chimichanga. That is all.
Cuz I'm blackmailing him. bwahahaha
and cuddles, lots of pancakes and lots of cuddles. and his one sword. lmao
Ah yes! We are gonna make it awesome so shh
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