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It's New Years Eve and that means saying goodbye to the old and hello to the new! It means thinking ahead and making this next year of your life even better then the last. It means making goals and sticking to them. But let's keep in mind that fun and totally silly goals will be the things that really make your next year (and new you) that much better!
1. Streaking Sounds silly I know but streaking, especially while kind of drunk with your bffs is an awesome way to blow off stem and feel a little wild.
2. Skinny Dipping Kind of like the first one, but swimming is just so much better and it will defiantly make any body feel bikini ready! Embrace the sexy and jump into a pool or the ocean nude...just don't get caught! That could get awkward real quick.
3. Face your strangest fears! This doesn't sound silly I know but I'm not talking about your fears of commitment or anything that heavy. Im saying if you're afraid of heights hit a roller coaster with someone who doesn't care if your are screaming your head off. Terrified of feathers (my best friend Tara) buy a crazy feather boa and wear to the next party! Facing silly fears can be fun AND makes you grow as a person.
4. Have a staycation You don't need to spend money to be on vacation. Decorate your house with the theme of the place you wish you were, order in food that fits that culture and dress up for a cozy weekend staycation that's only hassle is who has to put on the next DVD.
5. Embrace the idea of Treat Yo'self Trust me, giving yourself a day of excess, a day of doing whatever you want whenever you want for only yourself will make your year that much better. In 2016 make sure you remember that sometimes it's ok to be selfish.
Treat yourself is a my favorite! I always found that if I treat myself with love and respect it's easier to be the same with other. you deserve the best 😘 Happy New Year!
I have to find something else. I've done all of those. I don't think treating yourself is selfish. Not treating yourself is self-neglect. Loved your card.☺
Hmm, if I did these in 2015, do I need to do them again in 2016?? GUIDE ME, LIZ! lol ^_^ Hmm, maybe a streak+skinny dip combo in the snow on New Years? A plan is forming...
@lizarnone swim with the fishes naked #priceless
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