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Wrestling week sucks because every guy in school wants to pick a fight with me. I mean it's not like I'm not strong or anything, it's just I'm not an awful guy. I hate how everyone in this school thinks I'm a bad guy because I wear all black. Damn, John told me that he got asked one day why he hangs around a vampire. I got so angry that day that John had to follow me around to make sure I didn't kill anyone. I believe, if John didn't follow me that day someone would have died. I don't understand why people don't say those things about John we're dressed the same. So what is the fucking difference! Like fuck! I'm still stuck in this messed up class until the next which is only 3 minutes away. But shit I got to make it to that bitch's class who hates my guts even though I got straight A's in her class. Damn it! Well here I go, running for it.
The brilliance continues xD