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Now at first I was against writing smut for Baekhyun but I didn't want to disappoint anyone. So like always there will be two alternate endings for fluff and smut.


You sat silently with an expressionless face on an unknown swing that was hidden behind thick bushes and tall trees at your favorite park near home. *Why can’t we just live together like all those other happy families?* Suddenly, you felt someone push you gently back and forth. “Hey sweety, I had a feeling you’d be here.” he whispered from behind into your ear, sending tingles up your spine and uncontrollable fluttering butterflies into your stomach. How did he always seem to show up when I need him? You shut your eyes to prepare a happy mask and hear him move to stop the swing and kneel down in front of you. “How did you find me?” You asked him while opening your eyes and giving him a half-hearted smile but as hard as you tried to mask your sadness, your voice abandoned you and faltered. *How did he find me...? I haven’t been here with anyone in so long.* “Don’t you remember what happened here? It was the first time I kissed you.” He said softly that followed with an adorable smile as the memory replayed in his mind. But he quickly focused back to you seriously. “Sweety?” His voice that was now barely louder than a whisper and filled with concern cut through the silent night air. “What’s wrong? Oppa’s here, you can tell me.” Baekhyun said reassuringly, taking your cold hands in his while gazing intently into your eyes. You couldn’t help but feel that he was staring right into your soul and locating all those wounds you tried hard to bury. His eyes enraptured you, your mind became blank while you felt as though you were falling deeper into the universe his eyes opened you up to. He cupped your face in his warm hands, “They fought again, didn’t they?” He was so spot on every time you were troubled or sad. Only you Baekhyun, only you could ever figure out what’s wrong just by staring at me. You let the tears fall. He shuffled closer and wiped your tears away with his thumbs. He embraced you tightly. “It’s okay, you’ll always have me.” Baekhyun’s words echoed in your ears and before you realised, your eyes fluttered closed as his lips landed on yours for a sweet kiss. “Don’t cry, a smile always suits you more.” he said after your lips reluctantly part. “...that was how you first lured me into your trap anyway, my cute adorable man-eating girlfriend.” Baekhyun gave you a smile that could make every girl swoon and tapped the tip of your nose before he pulled you with such force that you crashed into his chest. He loses balance though and falls backwards with you on top of him. “That was planned, wasn’t it bacon?” You giggle shyly as every little bit of sadness vanished but to be replaced with a racing heart and more butterflies. *Oh what would I do without you, you sizzling piece of delicious meat.* “Yah, I’m only letting that slide because it’s you.. and how you chanted ‘mm bacon’ when you fell asleep while still on the phone with me!” He laughed teasingly, causing what felt like an earthquake below you. “Hey! You’re lying oppa! …I don’t sleep talk, do I?!” You buried your face into his chest, embarrassed even though you didn’t know whether he was joking or not. Damn, did I really? I mean, I did dream about some yummy bacon strips with his face on it but still.. NAH, HE’S GOT TO BE LYING. He made no effort of getting up at all with a sly smirk planted on his face, so you lie with your ear and body pressed against his chest, listening to his gradually increasing heart rate. His hand stroked your hair soothingly and he spoke with such a comforting tone, "Believe me when I say you’ll always have me, okay? To listen, to release your anger on, to be whatever you want and need me to be as long as it makes you feel better. Don’t hide away and bottle up your feelings like this again, okay?!” He felt you nod continuously and began to burst into hysterical laughter. “AHAHAHA, YOUR HAIR. OH MY GOD IT’S.. HAHAHA TICKLING ME!” He lets out between fits of laughter. “KYAHAHAH, I’VE GOT YOU NOW!” you grabbed a whole chunk of your hair and tickled him under his chin with the tips. Not long though, he managed to grab your hands while squirming wildly. Baekhyun slid you up so your face was directly above his and lifts his head to give you a brief loving peck on the lips. Your face heats up as the two of you continue to look at each other and got lost in each others worlds. “Cmon, I’ll take you home.” He rolled over and lifts you up bridal style before you could object and carried you home.


“Nope, I’m taking you with me!” He insists and marches over to the bathroom with you in his hands, with his foot he kicks open the door and sets you down as you playfully smack his back and he turns on the water, waiting for it to get warm. You’re about to leave the room so Baekhyun can have his shower, but he stops you and with a mischievous grin pulls your own shirt over your head. “You’ve got be naked to take a shower.” He explains and you raise an eyebrow. You’re cut off with a surprising kiss, almost knocking you against the sink as Baekhyun let’s his tongue run over your bottom lip. “Come on baby.” He whispers, his tone deepening a bit as you look up at him and see that his eyes are hooded, partially covered by his dark bangs. You have to admit, he does look rather attractive like this, long lips twisted up into a smirk and his hot breath making your skin turn pink with embarrassment. The steam from the shower is inviting and Baekhyun pulls back, only to drop the last remaining article of clothing he has on before drawing aside the curtain and stepping into the tub. You hesitate, but Baekhyun’s voice calls you over and without another thought you strip too and join him inside. The water is hot, but it doesn’t compare to the heat of Baekhyun’s kiss. Teeth grazing your lips, tongue pushing against your own. His fingers tangle in your wet hair and you press yourself against him in an attempt to show him you want more. Baekhyun’s hand comes down to tease you a bit, slender fingers rubbing against your folds as he continues to kiss you until your head is spinning and the only thing you can focus on is the feeling of having some of him inside of you. Baekhyun’s fingers are quick and long and you’re making small whimpering sounds as he gets you off under the water. Your head drops onto his shoulder as he turns you two around and pushes your back against the wall. You want to return the favor and take the opportunity to wrap your own hand around the base of Baekhyun’s member. He jerks his hips slightly and that encourages you to continue, stroking him until he’s harder then before, little drops of pre-cum staining your fingertips before you bring it up to your lips. Baekhyun watches you as best he can, letting his own fingers slip out of you as he takes a taste too. You both smile, pressing your mouths together again as Baekhyun asks you playfully to tell him what you want him to do next. “You know what I want…” You mumble, Baekhyun’s smile turning wicked. “No I don’t, I need to hear you say it.” You swallow and tilt your head. “Byun Baekhyun I swear….” Baekhyun kisses your temple and smirks. Your knee hitches around his waist and Baekhyun lays his palm flat against the wall behind your head as he guides himself into you. He mutters that you’re tight, the water making your hands slip from his shoulders to his back as you dig your nails in the moment he starts moving. Baekhyun attacks your throat with more kisses, growling against your skin when he feels you buck into him and his teeth leave a mark on your collarbone in retaliation. You want to throw your head back, close your eyes and ride the feeling out, but the water makes your back stick to the tiled wall and Baekhyun commands you to scream his name. You do as you’re told, starting off small until Baekhyun is thrusting into you full force and then you’ve got a handful of his dark hair and your voice even echoes over the running water. Without warning, Baekhyun stops only moments before the knot in your stomach can come undone and he slips out of you. You want to protest, but you’re turned around, face pressed against the wall this time as a layer of sweat and water sticks Baekhyun’s chest to your back and his hands grip onto your hips hard enough to leave slight bruises. You shut your eyes, the cold wall making you even more aware of how hot Baekhyun feels inside of you, panting into your ear from behind. With a groan he tells you that you feel too good, that you’re driving him crazy, and that he wants to pound you right through the freaking wall. You bite lip, on the verge of orgasm as Baekhyun’s voice turns incoherent and he almost sputters when he releases inside of you. With stars in your eyes, you follow soon after and with a few more snaps of his hips, Baekhyun lets you go and lets his weight rest on your back. He says something, but you’re not completely back to your senses. You let Baekhyun pull out and turn you to face him. He kisses your forehead, holding your face in both his hands. “Should we actually shower now?” He asks after a moment and you nod weakly, leaning on the wall as your thighs shake a bit. Baekhyun notices and smirks. “It was that good?” He takes a hold of your waist and shuts off the water with his other hand. “Aren’t we gonna-” You start, but Baekhyun hushes you. “We can shower later, right now let’s get you in bed.” You want to say something, but Baekhyun only drapes a towel over your head, kisses you, and picks you up again. Admiring your figure as he carries you to the bedroom, he dries you off and you tug him back into your arms, cuddling yourself into his chest. The two of you are still slightly wet, but Baekhyun doesn’t notice and instead pulls the blanket over you two and wraps himself tighter around you.
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@torchix I agree completely. That's why I was against writing smut for this one but I didn't want to dissapoint anyone lol.
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