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This was the hardest thing I have ever had to do....I never knew how many bias wreckers I had until doing this and I litterally had to redo my WHOLE BIAS LIST which took me about 2 hours of research and 3 hours of deciding......Let's just get into this before I change my mind again..I was tagged by @4dalientae @LexTay327 @Vkookie47 and anybody else I forgot :)

1. V(Kim Taehyung)

If you don't know this already...then you seriously don't know is just unique and doesn't care about what others think about him which I love so much!!! He's just perfect

2. TOP(Choi Seung Hyun)

One of my first kpop songs had been with GD&TOP and as soon as I heard his voice I knew I had to get to know his name and everything and when I found out he was in Big Bang I was so happy because I love his rapping so much!! He is so nice, sincere, and he is so goofy lol

3. Chen(Kim Jongdae)

Now this was actually a suprise to me because this was a recent discovery and he is already in my top 3 which is amazing in my eyes!! Everything about is0 lovable...his smile...his voice...just everything about him.....

4. Jackson Wang

Ever since I found out about Got7 and started following them on the V app I immediatley begin to notice Jackson and how nice and cheerful he is!!! He's cute at sometimes and sexy at other times but he's mostly goofy all the time which I lovejajac

5. Jimin

His voice, his face, his smile , and his body....that is all XD

6. Jonghyun

When I first listen to SHINee..Only two voices shone out to me and one of those people was Jonghyun....Great singer, great dancer, great looks...he's everything lol.....No but seriously his voice is magical!!

7. Daesung

Daesung is literally the light of my world...I love when he smiles..ughh..he is no nice and loving and his voice is so powerful and noticeable..And his laugh is everything too XD

8. Onew( Lee Jin Ki)

His voice.....his voice......his voice is like angels singing!!! Its so unique and ear wonder he's the leader of SHINee...And also he loves chicken which connects us even more lol

9. Ravi (Kim Won Shik)

The pure definition of sexiness in a rapper!! To his voice down to his beautiful face.... he is just.....*sigh*

10. Junhoe

You know I had to include someone from IKON and my bias in IKON is no other than this stunning singer whose voice is truly something I need to hear everyday!!! We also share the same motto XD

11. Young-Jae

Not to be confused with GOT7...I just got into B.A.P recently and while i have listen to some of their songs I have never watch none of their music Wild, Young, and Free was actually the first time I saw B.A.P faces....and I already knew by the voice who was my bias and it turned out to be Young-jae..and I was not dissapointed at all XD
The rest of my biases are Hyolyn, Jay Park, Park Bom, Choi Seung Cheol(seventeen). If you made it this far...I'm proud of you lol Hope You Guys Have A Great New Year!!! Tagging you guys: @ChelestiEdwards @DreaG1518 @DamarisCisneros @CarenBoykins @MoraLesley @LexusSmith @ElniWyatt @GeetanjaliRao @Rebecca22 @Exoexo @KatiemaeHarmon @Maquesha8760 @4dalientae @ChavaBerry @CloverShadows @Chiqiang @TiffanyDixion @tannyboo01 @GiselleMejia @thePinkPrincess @mycreativename @Keena85 @AlittleJoy @lashonda0917
have a great new year yourself!! and also you share a mixture of me and my best friends biases XD
@JohnEvans hope you have a great new year