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Day 6 & 7
Okay so I realized that I didn't do it yesterday so I'll do day 6 today with day 7.
I would rather have a dance of with rap monster because I can actually beat him. I love him but I'm really competitive.
Plus have you seen kookie dance.
Now day 7
I am a big jungkook fan (stage 6), like he moved ruined my bais list for the moment I heard his voice. Plus he's like the ultimate guy and it so sad I can't find someone like him to date
Look at that face. I would give him a hickey, even tho I don't know how nor have I had one.
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Namjoon I feel like if I had a dance off with hi no we'd just end up goofing around because our dancing skills are about the same and Hobi. ❤
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You can google how to give a hickey but if you're stage 6, it'll come naturally lol
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If I don't know who this band is can I PLEASE be removed from the tags connected to them please.
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Namjoon💃 and Hobi😍
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