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10 Reasons NOT to Date Loki

Even though you probably want to.

Yes, the Marvel community has a pretty big crush on this dude. And he can be pretty charming. You know, when he's not yanking out eyeballs or bringing aliens to New York or throwing a tantrum. Point being: You might want to date Loki, but you probably shouldn't.
1. He spends a lot of his time in prison. Like 90% of his time.
2. The shape-shifting will be fun the first time, but it WILL get old. And confusing.
3. He didn't get the 'no capes' memo.
4. He might love you, but he'll love Asgard more.
5. Being a frost giant probably means cold toes.
6. Odds are he's gonna die and forget to tell you he came back.
7. This guy has no chill. What if you forget an anniversary?
8. He's probably never seen Star Wars.
9. Daddy issues.
10. Unless you're immortal, you'll probably end up dying pretty soon because Loki is extremely risk-prone and doesn't seem to have respect for mortals.

Then again- he does have a nice face.

Don't let *me* tell you how to live your life.
Is is wrong that I am so f*cking OK with all of this?
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@cheerfulcallie should have named your dog Loki.
@LAVONYORK oh my! Maybe you can have both that seems better for everyone
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