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Chapter III

A/N: Sorry! I was suppose to have this up last night but I fell asleep. ;n; I nodded, I was not about to start arguing. I stood up and started running until I bumped into something hard. I backed up and rubbed my forehead, "Ow," I mumbled. I looked up to see the mask figure right infront of me, "How did y---" He then grabbed me by the neck but it didn't last to long as steam rose from his hand and he yelled, "You little bitch," he then dropped me and I started coughing. I turned to look at the mysterious student who looked confused also, "Are you just going to stand there?" I said between coughs. He then smiled, "I don't know, it looks like you can handle it on your own." All of a sudden out of no where I kicked the masked guy as he was trying to reach for me again, "Oh my, How did I? I didn't even know you---" The boy then grabbed my arm and winced as he said, "Ask questions later." I gave him a confused look, why does it burn them whenever they touch me? All of a sudden I heard several footsteps behind me, I turned around to see the three other guys, "Having fun Chanyeol?" The one with the cold expression said with a smirk. The one named Chanyeol then chuckled, "Just get her out of here," He glanced at me. "Hey, I can totally handle myself, I have been more several months now," I said in defence. Chanyeol then stood still while the other guy was kneeling in pain, "Oh really? So you can take this guy on? Do you guys wanna see?" He then looked at the three and they all nodded. Chanyeol then stepped back, "Have fun!" I shook my head and looked st the ground, when I looked back up the four of them were sitting an nearby staircase, How the hell did they do that so quietly? And quickly? "Uhh..." I said quietly, I didn't mean fighting wise... The man then came running at me with his sword raised, "You're coming with me Leila," he said with a growl. I then froze in place, How does he know my name? I shrugged off the thought and held up my fists, I hope all my kinect training has paid off.  He then stopped and dropped his sword, "Let's make this fair," he then got in a fighting stance also. Well atleast I won't die in an old timey way... He then ushered for me to hit him, "Let's see if you live up to your name," I scrunched up my eyebrows, what is he talking about? "I'm pretty sure you have the wrong Leila," I said taking a step forward. I blinked and he was gone, I then felt arms wrap around me as I was being picked up, I heard him wince in pain as he brought me over his head, Is he going to RKO me?? I then heard the one with a pretty face say, "Should we help her?" Chanyeol laughed, "I think she's good," I rolled my eyes. I started kicking, hoping my feet would make contect with anything. "Let go of me," I said with an angry tone, "or... or you're going to regret it!" The man chuckled deeply, "What are you going to do? Cry for your mommy?" I then became angry and then suddenly everything went black. . . . "Hey, are you alright?" I heard a faint voice say. I tried to sit up, my vision blurry, "Hey... hey, take it easy?" I felt hands on my shoulders. I fully sat up and rubbed my eyes, still blurry I looked up to see 12 dark figures, they didn't look human and they had red eyes. I blinked several times and shook my head and when I opened my eyes I saw eleven regular school boys. Wait, eleven?! My eyes grew wide, "Where the hell am I? Who the hell are you? Who was that in the school? Why did he know my name? Why did it burn when he touched me along with Chanyeol? How come I didn't burn you when you touched me?" The guy who helped me up, chuckled and said, "My name is Suho. These are my brothers, they'll introduce themselves later. I'm more surprised that you can see us..." I gave him a confused look, "Of course I can! Why wouldn't I be able to?" He turned to look at Chanyeol, "So she knows nothing?" Chanyeol shook his head,"Nope, but she sure is hard headed," he chuckled as the one with a pretty face smacked him in the back of the head. I let out a small laugh,"That's what you get for cslling me hard headed, thank you," I said toward Mr. Pretty Face and I noticed he was blushing a bit. "There is one thing, if you see a guy with blonde hair and resting bitch face, that's Sehun, stay clear of him for now, he's kind of, well he's never seen a girl before so yah..." Suho rubbed the back of his neck. Chanyeol spoke up, "I'm sure she can handle herself, you should've seen what she did to that poor sha---" Tao then elbowed him in the chest, "Um, ow??" Chanyeol groaned. Suho sighed, "First things first, Don't be worried but umm... this our mansion, we live... well... in the middle of nowhere... in.. another country." I started laughing, "That's funny, ha, you got me," I looked at his face which had no expression of humor in it. "Are you serious? My mother!" I stood up and groaned, "You need to rest, please sit back down," he said sternly but quietly. "I can't rest, knowing she's home alone," I then made my way to the door, a guy with a baby face but the manliest arms I've seen grabbed my arm, "You need to rest." I shook his arm off, "I don't even know you people, hell, you technically kidnapped me!" I then started running down the hallway, I heard Suho faintly say, "Bring her back here, any means necessary." A/N: I hope you guys are liking it, even if it is slow in the beginning. I also draw inspiration from a lot of things so if you read something and it sounds familiar, then that's why. ♡
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