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So I was tagged to do a getting to know me card so let's do this.
So my name is Skylar and most of my friends call me Sky or Bunny because apparently I act and look like a Bunny rabbit.
So my favorite dance practice is BTS just one day. I really like the song and that their dancing with chairs. I learned the dance with my cousin to so that makes it special.
All time favorite song is Eddy Kim- The Manual. Ever since I heard this song I have been playing it. I think I play it once every day. It's just really comforting to me no matter what my day was like.
Current favorite is tied between my most played song BTS- I Need U and EXID- Hot Pink. I played hot pink five times yesterday but my phone still says I played I Need U the most. I like both and I can't pick so their tied.
Favorite bias group is of course BTS and I was so sad that I had to sell my ticket over the summer because of camp. I love them so much I was about to put my future on hold but I didn't so I can go and see them in the future. I'm a kookie Stan. Tag me in anything kookie related.
And now some non kpop things about me....
I'm am a girl and I'm 17 years old from Chicago. I'm a senior and the youngest in my class and I live with my baby sister, mother and step father. I have made my best friend a BTS fan and my other best friend like Red Velvet's song dumb dumb and Simon D. I'm sadly single but I'm happy as is.
I like to take pictures and selcas alot. I usually take pictures of my sister. I also really love anime. And because of my friend Anne-Mae (pronounced anime) I met my best friend Joy and she showed me Miss A's Baby Good Bye video and made me watch Boys over flowers. From there I got into shinee and then my world became kpop.
So there you have it, a little bit about me