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Now I can see all my oppas better
My old glasses were so much smaller so it's weird to have such a big field of vision. But I like it. (Also I miss my purple and black hair a little bit but I needed to bleach it because it looked bad and it's so many different colors now so I need to bleach again)
@megancurrent9 me too. What was supposed to happen was I was going to go blonde with streaks of blue and purple but the bleach didn't do very well since I had dyed my hair black before. So we dyed my roots that went blonde into a bright purple and when we added the blue to the rest of my hair it turned back into black. The picture here is after the purple had started to fade (causing my dad and brother to call me Rogue from X-Men) but yeah I kind of miss it. I looked good with black hair.
They look awesome! Also I'm all about purple hair!
@moneerelizabeth thank you :)
Your new glasses look great on you! Very pretty! :)