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A very Happy New Year to each and every one! The card may be early for some, but it's just 12:00pm on the clock here. I have a challenge for every one! 4 New Year Dreams: Write them down!!! and Share if you want... A new Year's day:
Let's write our dreams for the new year, Don't tell me that's what you fear, Take a pen, and dream, now join the writing team. -Akash
Here are my dreams for 2016: 1. Successful creation of my software product. (working on it) 2. Fit and Trim body. (gained a few pounds lately, gymming now) 3. Awesome results of my examinations. 4.Take someone on a date!
Lol #4. I can't talk to guys much less go on a date with someone
Go for it @catchyacrayon! Cheers!
I'll get right on it nugget @KwonOfAKind xD
Very welcome.
My best wishes to you! @deefran Also Happy new year to all!
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