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WARNING This has mature content and violence. Don't complain that I didn't warn you or tell me that I should not have added that. Thank you. Read at your own consent. He looked at me as I looked away, "Why do you do this?" He asked. I looked down at my cup and smirked. "I'm not someone who likes to be figured out. If that's what you're trying to do, you can leave. I don't like revealing things from myself and if you can't unders-" He cut me off, "I understand. Its just that I feel worthless. I can't comfort you when you're sad, I can't make you happy, I can't do anything! All because I don't know anything about you! Do you realize how hard it is for me to understand you?" I looked away from the cup and met his chocolate eyes. "No one is telling you to be here. Maybe I don't want to be understood. Maybe I want to remain a mystery even to you. I don't like the fact that this is how you feel, because it hurts, but I'm not about to answer your questions just like that. Its not me. Maybe one day, I'll come crying to you and tell you everything. Either that or I'll still be independent of myself." "Why, Why can't you depend on me like I depend on you?" I got off my from chair and walked towards the huge window and looked out into the city. It was near midnight so not many cars were out. The sky twinkling with stars, the scenery keeping me calm. Without looking at him I said, "Lets just say I learned my lesson after a certain incident." I smirked again, but this time it was forced. I looked back at Suho and said, "I'm never swooping down low as to depend on another human. Yes, it's hard sometimes but I realized that being alone is something that makes me content. You may not understand it, but them again you don't have to. No one is forcing you to stay either." His jaw clenched and he stood up and walked towards me, his eyes never leaving mine. Once in front of me he opened his mouth and said, "Mysteries have a solution. I will figure yours out." He sighed and pulled me into half a hug. His left arm around my waist and his right arm went up to my face and he slid a finger down my jaw line to my chin. I stood still, not really knowing what to do, so I kept my arms at my side. I regained my composure and said, "You'll probably give up on me. You're already frustrated as it is. A mystery that can be solved, Huh? Let me tell you this.-" I leaned closer to his year- "Some mysteries are meant to be left alone, for they bring great pain and unexpected surprises." I pressed my lips to his jaw and removed his arm from my back and walked out the door. I sighed. Just a little bit longer.. I thought to myself. I walked home trying to shake off the feelings I was getting. Every time I reject him, he comes back. I can't understand why he would do this. He should have given up a long time just like all the others. Why hasn't he given up? Why does he try so hard only to get heartbroken again and again? Why... do I keep playing with him? I feel like I can't let him go, but at the same time I know that one day, he'll wake up and realize that he no longer wants to pursue me. I kicked a can and looked up at the sky and saw the stars. I breathe in the cool air and think, letting myself free of all thoughts. ~~~ Sobbing. That's all anyone would hear if they heard. Tear after tear, choke after choke and more, and more sobbing. I looked at the broken mirror, my fists stained red like the color of my dress. My hair sticking to the sides of my face, and I gasped for air. I saw my reflection from one of the shattered pieces and saw the mascara and eyeliner running down my face. I looked like a beautiful nightmare. The one where you want to wake up, but at the same time you don't, just out curiosity to know what happens next. I looked around and saw the many empty bottles around myself. At this moment, I didn't exist. I laid my head on the floor and just cried some more in trying to forget everything that happened earlier. (Flashbacks are in bold) "Hey, Y/N?" John said as he looked at me. "Yeah?" I answered. "I want to take you out somewhere fancy tomorrow, mostly because we haven't hung out in a while. So, would you like to go?" He asked with a small smile, I looked closer and saw that his cheeks were tainted with a pinkish color. "Sure, I'd love to. Around what time?" "Around 8. I'll pick you up. Okay?" "Okay" Am I not enough? Hah. what even happened to him? The tears stopped, but my heart is still in pain. Someone was knocking on the door. "Y/N! I'm here!" "I'm going!" I went over to unlock the door, and John was standing there looking quiet nice. "Are you ready?" He asked. "Yeah, I just need to get something come inside." I stepped aside and he made his way inside. I walked towards the restroom and looked for earrings to go with my dress. "Y/N, Come." John called. I went to him and he showed me my phone, "Who's Suho?" I smirked, "We're not even together, and you're acting jealous. If it helps, he's my friend." I turned to walk off- The tears started coming out again. I felt him behind me and before I could ask him what he was doing he grabbed me by my hair and yanked me back. I screamed as I landed against the the floor. John took the time to crawl over me and looked me in the eyes, "You're mine and only mine. Got it?" "No! Get the fuck off of me! Please!" I said. I felt my heart get heavier as I looked at the shattered pieces of the mirror. Tears coming uncontrollably and once again I began to sob. He smirked and moved his face closer to my collar bone and trailed wet kisses around the area. I tried pushing him away, but I couldn't do much. He grinned as he saw my struggle. "Hush now, you'll be alright." He said as he moved his head up and attached his lips to mine. I opened my mouth slightly and bit as hard as I could on his bottom lip. He got up and held his bleeding lip. I kicked his part and he went backwards in pain. I got up and tried to get away but he managed to grab my leg and I screamed telling him to let me go. I fell and crashed into the night stand. I saw that it was falling forward and immediately moved out of the way. As it fell The drawer opened and out came a gun. Someone is knocking on the door. I don't have the strength or eagerness to open the door. I feel my consciousness slipping away. I tried reaching out for it, but John pulled me back. I turned and tried to claw at his face as his hands when around my throat. I clawed more and managed to move my feet to his stomach and with a big shove, I pushed him away. I gasped for air and moved back. I touched the cold metal of the gun and grabbed it as I aimed it at John. My hands were shaking uncontrollably and my voice wasn't with me, "G-get O-out! Please!" I managed to say. He looked at me as if challenging me that I wouldn't do it. I don't know where my confidence came from, but I aimed it next to his head and shot. His eyes widened as now he knew that I was serious. My confidence lasted longer than I expected, "You know the quote, 'When one holds a gun, you either teach or you kill' You deserve to die. But then again, I'm not going to kill you. I'm just going to tell you to leave. I hope this teaches you to never mess with a woman again." He got up and stumbled towards me. "You might have shot next To me, but you can never shoot me." "Get away! Please! Leave! Don't make me do anything I don't want to." I yelled. He was now closer than ever. I aimed the gun at his left leg and shot. His screams and curses could be heard throughout the house. The door opened and I heard a gasp. I heard shuffling around and I felt myself being carried but I couldn't open my eyes. "I told you. Next is a shot to the head. Leave now. The hospital is just a few blocks down. Have fun explaining why you got shot." He clutched his leg and somehow made it out of the house. After he left, I walked towards the mirror to see the still hand marks around my neck. I punched the mirror and then moved back and fell on the floor. I woke up and looked around my surroundings. It seems to be morning as the sun could be seen through the dark curtains. I heard a knock on my door and it opened, They turned on the light and I have to adjust to it. My eyes came into focus and I saw Suho standing there. I don't know whether to slap him because how did he get in my house, or hug him because of what happened. "What are you doing here?" My voice was hoarse and my head hurts. "I came yesterday, what happened? By the way, I made breakfast." He showed me the platter of different foods. I told him everything and I started crying again as he took me in his arms. "Shh, it's alright. I'm here now, okay?" His hands did circular motions on my back and I immediately relaxed. After a while, the feeling of guilt began to set in and I pushed Suho away. I looked down at my hands as I felt his stare. "Please leave. I can't do this anymore." I said. "I know you need me, so I'm not going anywhere. I'm staying here by your side. You're my angel and I care so much for you." He said. "I don't want to hurt you anymore. Why don't you understand!? I didn't fall from the sky. All this time I've been hurting you, lying to you. That's all I am, Pain and lies. I'm not the person you thought I was! I can't live with myself knowing this. Please leave. However, even though I'm telling you to leave, I don't want to lose you." A bitter chuckle came out from my lips. He embraced me and I tried pushing him away. "I should've left a long time ago. I should've given up. However, I can't do that. I don't want to do that. I can't walk away knowing that you're doing this to yourself. I'm in love with you, and I know you love me too. No matter how many times you tell me to leave, I'm staying here." "Suho.." He moved his hands on either side of my face. "M-May I?" He stuttered as he looked at my eyes and then my lips. I giggled at him and I nodded. He smiled and his face came closer. Our lips touched and my stomach felt like the fireworks on New Years.
TADA~ This one, not going to lie, I cried while writing. I hope you guys enjoyed it~ Comment your thoughts please? I was wondering... should I do an instagram where I do these? Of course they're going to be different, but I've been wondering if I should do this. One more thing, those of you that I tag, I'd really like to know of you still read these. Sometimes I feel like I'm writing and you're not reading. Selfish I know, but I'm curious. Please comment and I'll know! If you want to be tagged on the next ones, let me know! Tags; @saraortiz2002 @amandamuska @Stefany17 @KellyOConnor @MadAndrea @punkpandabear @kmeier230 @JasmineWilliams @AimeeH @CrystalBlunt @VeronicaArtino @Mikim000 @MeghanJorgina @Allyson3333 @SarahVanDorn @DOislifeExoL @TesneemElAlami @DanaMichelle @zzzdonk @tiffany1922 @KpopQueenaBee @bbyitskatie
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