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So I was tagged.... this time for a challenge that I'd rather take college exams than compile a concrete list. This is so hard and has taken me a good Twelve hours to even get past 4.... @Emealia @4dalientae @PrettieeEmm @LexTay327 @B1A4BTS5ever @MyaIsNotSexy So I Guess let's begin.

#1 Kim Joon ♡

This guy... This guy right here is and always will be my first UB. Nothing will ever kick him off & no one will ever take his place. I got the Googlyeyes for him at first Sight. While my sister Sondra was swooning over Lee Minho, I was all about KIM JOON. . . He's perfect.

#2 Lee Seyoung ♡ Also an Ultimate Bias. ♡~♡ (Cross Gene)

Here's the second man to take part on my Ultimate Bias Ship. He kinda just punched me in my face and climbed aboard without giving me any time to deny him title as an Ultimate Bias. . . His voice is one of the best things about him and I am so partial to him it ain't funny. He's beautiful, gorgeous, his laugh, I could go on for hours but I'll spare Vingle of all my gushing. Seeing him play the serious character in Zedd, made me love him more. . . Cause a serious Seyoung is a VA VA VOOM Seyoung. Pretty sure he's going to take my last name in the future. He's in love with me, he just doesn't know it yet. . .

#3 Kim Sangmin ♡ (Cross Gene)

This goober right here is a major contradiction. When he opens his mouth to rap with his deep husky voice, it's intense and like WOAH! WHO IS THIS MAJESTIC CREATURE?! Then you find photos or variety shows with him in it, and you suddenly are like as shdjdj ahsjjd ahsjjd shdjdj hshuddbdhdhdhd hshuddbdhdhdhd he's precious. His little smile and laugh is one of the most precious things there is. . .

#4 Alex MOFO Kim ♡ (High4)

This one was another that forcefully got on board my UB ship. I love his voice when he raps, and oh my gosh let's not talk about his gaze. . . He snatched me up by my ponytail and moved me aside while I scratched my head. . . (I think Seyoung opened a floodgate) He came at me suddenly, with me not knowing what to do. BUT I AM 100000000000000000000% OKAY WITH THIS!


Oh my word. Where do I even begin with this one. He's so precious I cry? Or perfect that I know I Stand a chance since he thinks Tomatoes are glamorous? We share the same love for Dr. Pepper, so in my book he's more than perfect. He's just too gorgeous for his own good, and is so goofy I'm in too deep and can't quit. . . that's a plus when dealing with biases right? The tomatoes are glamorous is the screenshot I took watching their show. I cried the whole episode with Moos being past done with his shenanigans. He's just too precious for words. Definitely an unexpected bias, which makes me love him more.

#6 Jota ♡ (Madtown)

I fought my sister for him. I mean dukes up Floyd v. Mayweather style. . . To answer any questions, I won obviously since he's on this card. I told her No, to keep her eyes off of him, that he was going to be her brother in law. So I made a hard decision and Handed Daewon over to her kindly. Jota is super smiley and has a vibrant personality. We eat the same, so I know that the amount of food I eat will never be an issue with him; he eats like me. We can grow old and eat all the food.

#7 Leegeon ♡ (Madtown)

This guy is my main Madtown Bias. He was the first one to catch my eyes, and ears. His voice is phenomenal and I absolutely love him. Lookit his smile. ♡~♡ OMG YES!! He's afraid of frogs, which is adorable, and okay 'cause I will save him from every demonic frog that we face in the future. It's okay babeh, I will save you.

#8 WonHo ♡ (Monsta X)

Can we just throw it out on the table that I am pretty mad about this one. WonHo Wrecked my life. His new name is WonWrecker. I coined that term just now. He needs to slow down and give me room to breathe since he ever so diligently ruined my long page of biases. I loved him from No.Mercy, but I atleast figured I'd wouldn't have to fight this guy in the end. Boy was I mistaken. . . Highly freaking mistaken. . . I feel he's laughing at me in the last gif... Shut up WonWrecker. FIGHT ME RIGHT NOW!

#9 Kuhn ♡ (Up10tion)

Oh my God I want to fight a certain someone for getting me into Up10tion, and showing me their MV. I love her to much to put hands on her for this Torture Mr. Kuhn has put on me. . . So instead I gracefully and honorably take every beating on my kokoro that he gives me. I decided that with him, who needs a bias list; most importantly emotions. I apparently don't cause I go through more I. Can't. Even. phases with Kuhn than I have with anyone else. I added the Meme @MorganElisabeth Made.

#10 Hobi ♡ (BTS)

He of course gets a spot on the list. He is the most adorable guy who ever precioused. I loved BTS to start with, but he latched onto my arm and jolted me back. This was to let me know that I was never leaving the realm of an ARMY. His personality is one of the best things about him and his smile is perfect. Not to mention he's gorgeous.

#11 Baozi/Xiumin ♡ (EXO)

This guy right here reeled me into EXO. He's gorgeous, his voice is amazing, and I mean just look at him!!! Definitely my style! ♡~♡ He's precious, and in my opinion one of the best looking guys I have ever laid eyes on.

#12 Yoseob ♡ (B2ST/BEAST)

Yoseob is perfection in every way shape, form, and fashion. He's handsome, his Aegyo is adorable, and his voice. . . is just UFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF. . .

#13 Dongwoo ♡ (Infinite)

He's so pretty I want to cry. He definitely has my love, and was the one who opened the door for my love of rappers.

#14 OneJun ♡ (Boys Republic)

I first swooned over him when I clicked on the video, The Real One. . . Men in suits is my kryptonite, so he was and is major babe Status. I love listening to his voice because he hits high notes so flawlessly. He is absolutely gorgeous.

#15 (DEAR GOD I MADE IT) Seung Ho ♡ (BEAT WIN)

UHM so this guy made me question every life choice I have made previously before him. He is Babe and will always be my beautiful man. His precious factor is extremely high and my heart just melts when he does anything cute. . . okay whenever I see him. . . Love him and Beat win.
So this is my 15 Top Biases and I have cried the whole time. I didn't think it'd be hard but boy was I fooled until I actually had to choose from all my amazing men. I tag whoever wants to do this.
@Tigerlily84 Haha thank you! XD I cried the whole time XD
@AimeeH great list! I am so proud of you for making it through !
@PrettieeEmm I do too. Alex is definitely one of the UB. Oh gosh yeas I understand that.
@AimeeH I love his smile.. I was gonna do a zodiac game with high4 but not enough members :/
oh Alex!!!
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