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Okay....yeah I haven't been on cuz of wifi...and to find hundreds of notifications!! Wow guys I was amazed!!But here ya go....we are on the seventh day and since I missed yesterday I will do it here as well!!
6) Would you rather have a dance off with RapMon or Jungkook? Since I have no talent for dancing I would have to go with RapMon because we both....have a weird way of dancing and besides I probably would be laughing at him and his serious face!! I wouldn't dare go against Kookie unless he teaches me!
7) Would you rather kiss J-Hope or give Jungkook his first hickeys? First, I find hickeys weird so I wouldn't to do that to the Golden Maknae....besides I wouldnt have it in me, being that close to him >~< So I would rather kiss Hobi ^~^ (although Jimin would be better) STILL I think I would faint because that would be my first kiss.....
I'd pick Rapmon too. Kookie would destroy me in a dance off!!! I'd give him his first hickey though just for laughs and kicks *smirks pervishly in the distance*
@krin ahh poor kookie heh many ppl would love to do that