@AkashBhojraj tagged me in the New Year's Resolution Challenge. I'm always hesitant about resolutions...I want to be sure that they are something I can actually follow though with. But some recent events have me feeling super motivated and optimistic for the upcoming year. So, @AkashBhojraj's challenge... " 4 New Year Dreams: Write them down!!! and Share if you want... A new Year's day: Let's write our dreams for the new year, Don't tell me that's what you fear, Take a pen, and dream, now join the writing team. -Akash"
My first resolution is to BE MORE ORGANISED. It used to be obvious how OCD I really am, but after my son (my fourth child) was born....yeesh! I just don't know what happened! My brain must have been addled by the testosterone, because I cannot keep track of anything anymore: chores, appointments (Unless I remember to set an alert on my phone), bills (thank you, scheduled payments!), meals (when no one's around...of course, nobody else will let me forget dinner time XD)...and my cards on here, even (sorry, folks). I'm determined to get back on track. I CAN do it! I've just gotta figure out how to get the family to follow suit... :/
EAT BETTER. I already eat healthy, I just really need to start avoiding foods that contain corn products...but they're just soooo good! *But they're just soooo bad for me! (Oh, dear grits...you are my one true frenemy!)
TRY NOT TO CRY SO MUCH. This year has been difficult and stressful. We moved twice in 3 months, and it really put a strain on us. I'm usually a very optimistic person, even through the darkest of times, but 2015....it really pushed the boundaries. Some say certain things should have come to an end, but I believe in overcoming adversity, not giving in and giving up. Besides, it's MY LIFE!!! I had every right to the tears shed, but now, it's time to set the past aside and reach for a brighter future!
MAKE MY OWN HAPPINESS. Yep! This is going to be MY year, if I've gotta rip the balls off the bull myself! Cheers to all!
@BeannachtOraibh I don't have four. but the ones I do have are to try and not be so angry all the time. try to smile even in the worst situations. work towards getting a guitar to pursue music just like my dad. and I guess be happier. oh wait that is four. sheesh, make it five, work on math skills. lol
Lol, I have some of the same! I'll make a card.
I feel you on the eat better I totally need it too
bahahaha that's great
@BeannachtOraibh oh I know ehatvyou designed your Gwenpool pose from XP
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