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Over 500,000 fireworks light the skies in Dubai. The world famous display at Burj Khalifa features fireworks spewing from buildings and LED lights and lasers.
Unfortunately, the display erupted the building on fire, leaving 16 injured in the process. So even though the fireworks were beautiful the cause severe damage to the building.
We all love fireworks but, let's also be sure to also keep each other safe for the holiday.

How are you celebrating New Years Eve?

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Wow how beautiful :) I'm spending it with family whom I haven't seen for years ^^
Yes, shortly after! I should put that in the card XD @alohadaine
That sounds beautiful too @RaquelArredondo XD the must be so happy to see you!
what an unfortunate new year countdown at their luxury area. My family just stay at home and saw fireworks around my area trough the window and balcony. my new year resolution renewed☺
Well that sounds like a nice New Year @atmi! I did that one year with fireworks too, it's just more fun to watch on a balcony anyway XD