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This is my top 15 bias list.... Why would you make me do this? This is the hardest thing I had to go through.
#1 Chim Chim aka Jimin (BTS) I just love everything about him from inside out #2 Rap Monster (BTS) He was the first person I became interested in that's in BTS. I just adore him.
#3 Chanyeol (Exo) I have been in Exo-L for about 2 years and Chanyeol has been my bias from the first time I discovered Exo #4 Chen (Exo) I got really into Chen this year for some reason. I love his personality and looks.
#5 Bam Bam (Got7) He just too handsome to ignore really he is. #6 Jackson (Got7) I don't have to explain myself you all already know.
#7 Leo (Vixx) I really don't care if he talks or not to me he's perfect btw his smiles kill my inner soul #8 Ken (Vixx) He is my bias crusher in Vixx sigh~
#9 G-Dragon (Big Bang) He is so handsome and not to mention his fashion skills #10 Jooheon (Monsta X) His rapping skills tho and his aegyo kills me
#11 The8 (Seventeen) He is just soooo adorable and his dancing skills tho #12 Woozi (Seventeen) His vocal skills are really amazing and he's just soooo cute
#13 Yongguk (B.A.P) His voice is just wow. #14 Wonho (Monsta X)
#15 D.O (Exo) He just made his way into my heart ❤️
@Gaehwa is so true is like there's so much out there like who
if it was me I you be so lost on who would be at the top of my list
@ZeltzinCorona actually lol I was more of who was from #5 down it was a heartbreaking decision