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Of course, without being labeled as a hentai! XD

No, but seriously, why not? If you've ever watched any romance anime, out of all of them, how many contained sex-scenes that added flair to the romance itself and the overall plot without explicitly showing the scene in all its glory?
I would say none, or at the very least...2. But no more. XD
What you would instead see would be the main-couple's lips slowly getting closer and closer until something completely crashes the scene and the tension is broken. And even if the couple somehow got the chance to accknowledge their romantic relationship, a kiss would be the outmost evidence we'll ever get to how deep, sensual (ah, you thought I wrote sexual, didn't ya!) or intense that romance really is...
And isn't that a bit un-rewarding?

It works fine in other media...

For reals. Take movies, where a couple would even show the foreplay to the audience and get on going with the buisness. Of course, we maybe only get to see the shadow of the bed and some groaning, but it just shows us that yes: now they love each other hella much!
Heck, even in games, they show us scenes of intimate love between your character and a supporting character.
I don't have the faintest idea as to why they can't show sex-scenes in anime...you guys can probably come up with an answer in the comments below XD

For the plot?

Yes, this is really the main-problem. When we think of sex in anime, our minds jump right to the genre of hentai which is a diversion of love-sex as we know it. Hentai is a type of fanservice, porn if you must. Apparently, the animation studios cannot differentiate the difference the sex that brings love and pleasure to the couple on the screen and the sex which brings only pleasure to both the characters on screen and outside of it!
Is it hard to picture this?:
The last episode of a 12-episode long romance anime, no ecchi so far, the couple accknowledged their love for each and head for the bed, half a minute of some shadow-play seen and roll the credits!
No harm done, on the contrary, now the couple and we the viewers will have that fulfillment that their love came true! :D

So, here's my question to you:

Can sex-scenes be used to re-affirm love in anime?

Hopefully, without showing any genitals...
And would you as an anime-viewer be okay with it?
Comment, answer, discuss and conclude in the comments below!
Now, this card is a part of my spin-off series to the original "Why anime?" collection, where smaller and "quicker" posts around anime and what comes with it is brought up. So make sure you check out and follow the "Quick Why anime?" collection for more posts! :D
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Oh, and why this odd topic...?
I may or may not have had myself a few drinks when I came up with this post XD
Happy New Years!
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Ai yori Aoshi had this one kinda implied sex scene
I feel you. Romance anime scenes play more on the emotions and leading up to moments than the actual moment which I like but at the same time it can be annoying to be honest. I personally don't need to see or hear fucking noises to know they love one another BUT I would like to see more kisses, affection and suggestive scenes that aren't lame.
Murai nikki (Future diary) had sex scene that was good? if that makes sense it definitely made me respect the writer and the anime a bit more. Plus it was just a really bad ass show
Yes! Definitely! Sex scenes can totally not be hentai. There is a manga that has those scenes. If it became an anime it would be great. The romance is awesome and passionate. Censorship is great and those scenes are part of the plot too. You have to read it to find out for yourself! Its called Black Bird.